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"Albert the Faggot?" Ellen’s New Objectified Male Gardener; Big Rubber Sex Toy in Thailand

“Albert the Faggot?”

There are several facets of this article I found fascinating. First, a really great young guy came out of the closet in 2009 and his aunt asked him “When is it going to be okay to call you Albert the Faggot?”  The peculiar thing is that this aunt wasn’t as upset and it sounds, as if she was supporting him. 

Then this happened:

Then she said this: ‘So, you’re already “Albert the Jew” and “Albert the [Georgetown University] Hoya.” When’s it going to be OK to call you “Albert the Faggot’?”‘
Eisenberg paused then said to his aunt: ‘Never, Aunt Marianne. It’s never going to be OK to call me ‘Albert the Faggot.”‘
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Then she said this: ‘So, you’re already “Albert the Jew” and “Albert the [Georgetown University] Hoya.” When’s it going to be OK to call you “Albert the Faggot’?”‘ 

Eisenberg paused then said to his aunt: ‘Never, Aunt Marianne. It’s never going to be OK to call me ‘Albert the Faggot.”‘

The aunt sounds like she could be a real asswipe.

After that, a friend congratulated him and said he was glad Albert was not like another effeminate gay he knew. In other words, the friend was saying, “You’re one of the good ones.” I think all minorities know how that goes. It’s just that it’s still okay to say this openly to gay people where it’s not okay to say this openly about any other minority. 

It all leads up to a statement from Albert Eisenberg stating we all really need to work on these things a lot more because they’re not going to be solved in court.

You can read it here, with a video clip. Side note: Albert is adorable and smart.

Ellen’s New Objectified Male Gardener

I wish Ellen would take a lesson from Albert Eisenberg. I could be wrong about this, but I find it interesting that a women, a lesbian, like Ellen DeGeneres would make such a big thing about objectifying men when it’s always been so wrong to objectify women in this way. If Jimmy Fallon were to do this with a sexy French maid every feminist on the planet would be going after him, and rightly so. It stands to reason. And even though it’s not being discussed in public openly I can’t believe other people aren’t at least thinking this.

She’s accepting video auditions to be the new objectified green thumb, and recently showed off a few eligible candidates.

We’re not sure — are nude photos a set back or a leg up?

I know you all think this is funny-haha and Ellen’s so cool and lesbian hip right now. And I’m taking it too seriously. But I’m actually not…not literally. I don’t really give a damn if Ellen objectifies men, women or kangaroos. That’s not my point. I think we all get too uptight about these things anyway. Some people, men and women, have made careers out of this kind of objectification and they’ve done well for themselves. And good for them. I just don’t like double standards, especially when there’s a hidden agenda involved.

Go ahead, Jimmy Fallon. You try this with a stereotypical female French maid and see where it gets you. I hear the word misogynist in the distance. But I don’t hear anything about Ellen doing this to men. It goes both ways and you don’t right one wrong by creating another.

The rest is here. 

Big Rubber Sex Toy in Thailand

In Thailand they allegedly found a huge rubber sex toy in a cave. This has caused a shitstorm in a small community, and rightly so, because the cave is supposed to be sacred and the big dildo is driving them to distraction. However, they aren’t upset because it’s a dildo, they’re upset because it’s factory made, not man made out of hardwood. Someone probably had good intentions, but missed the mark this time.

The offending item, which local media have described as “a large, pink faded sex toy,” was discovered in the Phra Nang Cave, nicknamed the “Phallus Shrine,” a place where locals leave dong-shaped offerings for a goddess named Phra Nang. But the rule is the offerings must be made out of wood, not rubber. Hence the village unrest.

“We believe it was left there by a tourist who doesn’t really understand local beliefs,” Komart Paenkerd, who works for the Krabi Provincial Cultural Office, told the Phuket Gazette.

The bottom line is that they’d like tourists to keep it more traditional and leave phallus symbols made out of wood…hardwood. They don’t want generic sex toys you can buy in any Adult World bookstore.

You can read the rest here in case you’re planning a trip to Thailand any time soon. It actually sounds very interesting to me and if I were going there I’d make a point to check this out.

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