A Bionic Penis; The "Ideal" Penis; First American Penis Transplant

A Bionic Penis

I think this is an interesting story about science and technology with regard to sexuality and intimacy. It’s a good example of how something like this can change a man’s life completely.

Mohammed Abad’s story has captured the interest of the world.

The lovelorn security guard, who was fitted with a £70,000 eight-inch bionic penis in 2012, lost his virginity this year at the age of 44 with the help of a sex worker.

And while he would still like to find true love and eventually have children, he is delighted to evangelize about the ‘sexnology’ that has allowed him to feel like a man again.

You can read all the details at this link.  There’s actually a pretty good description detailing how all this works.

The “Ideal” Penis

I know this story isn’t exactly breaking science news, but I did pass up linking to a story about a Kardashian who has never seen a white penis, as if we care. So there’s that.

In any event, here’s a link to a video where porn stars talk about the ideal penis.

Sure, porn stars are forced to work with larger-than-average “talent” throughout their careers, but what do they do recreationally? Do they enjoy having giant bulldozers normally, or do they prefer to work with more manageable-sized man parts?

You can check that out here. I think this one is SFW.

First American Penis Transplant

On another note, here’s a link that’s far more serious and details an actual penis transplant. It’s really something that’s valid, both physically and emotionally,  and it shows how doctors deal with a devastating military case where the guy lost his penis in combat. I think things like this are relevant mostly because we don’t hear about them on the local six o’clock news. They’re all too busy putting a spin on politics…and fake-smiling too much.

This excerpt shows what I’m talking about…

Doctors will perform 60 such surgeries on combat veterans – and more than 60 additional men are already on the waitlist to have the procedure performed. Johns Hopkins will pay for the first surgery, which it estimates to cost between $200,000 and $400,000, and it has asked the government to chip in for subsequent operations. The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay for the cocktail of anti-rejection medicines the men must take once the surgery has been performed.

You can check that out at this link. It’s actually a detailed article that explains how the penis transplant works.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

In Print and E-book

The Arrangement

No Giant Snow Penis Here; No Such Thing As Perfect Penis; Penis Training Sex Toy; Second Chance Box Set by Ryan Field

No Giant Snow Penis Here

It seems there’s a giant snow penis in Gothenburg, Western Sweden, and those who are offended by penis in public places want something done about it fast.

But this is what transpired instead:

They decided to see if they could scrub the image out. However after gingerly approaching the ice, they turned back, fearing that it might be too risky in case the frozen water cracked.


“They judged that the ice would not stay put. They did not dare to go out on to the moat and consequently the artwork is there until thawing weather returns,” Darko Brankovic, director of Gothenburg’s Parks and Landscape Administration (Park- och naturförvaltningens organisation och ledning) told Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

Here’s  link to the rest, plus a photo of the actual snow penis.

No Such Thing As Perfect Penis

Since LGBT news is so quiet lately, here’s something from Yahoo about penises and how they claim no penis is ever perfect.

They list 12 examples, and this is one that shows you how to improve the way your penis looks…if you think your penis needs improvement. I guess.

It’s easy to use optical illusions to your advantage. 

If you do want to make your penis look bigger (and we’re not suggesting that you have to), trim the hedges and do some jackknives. Trimmed pubic hair immediately makes your penis look larger by increasing the visual length of the shaft. Groomed goods also keep humidity in your drawers in check, making it more comfortable to exercise. And working out will make you feel better and more confident all around.

I think some of the article is good, and some of it way off base. Not to brag, but I’ve seen a penis or two that are pretty close to damn near perfect and I have a feeling that whoever wrote this article…Ironically or sarcastically a dude named Richard Dixon…hasn’t seen much penis at all.

Penis Training Sex Toy

There’s not much I like about crowdfunding campaigns so I hesitated before linking to this one. I’ve seen too many scams and too many who have been burned. In one particular case, I’ve seen people with good intentions give away hard earned money to bloggers who are making well over six figures a year for legal defenses in defamation cases…and the bloggers did NOT win. It’s scary, and Kool Aide seems to come in a variety of proverbial flavors these days and too many are willing to drink it.
But this is interesting, it seems legit, and it might actually be a product that does help…and work. In short, it’s a masturbation device designed to help “train” the penis, which I think means to keep it up longer.

  Unlike Fleshlight, though, Blewit is intended both to deliver “a mind-blowingly better masturbation experience” and to offer “performance training” to “increase your sexual stamina.”

One might logically wonder why such a thing even needs to exist. According to the product tagline, it’s “because not all performance training happens in the gym.”

You can read the rest here. So far this campaign has raised about $20,000 since last Friday night.

Second Chance Box Set by Ryan Field

Here’s a box set, in e-book or print, for the Second Chance series. This isn’t the kind of series where the same characters continue moving forward from book to book.  This series has stand alone books, all the characters and situations in each book are different, and the theme of the series is focused on getting a second chance in life…not maybe not. That all depends.

Here’s the Amazon Link.

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