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Eric Arvin Video; Amazon Prime Price Raise? Big Penis Stories

Eric Arvin Video

I know a lot of people in the M/M genre have been following the health crisis with M/M author, Eric Arvin, through facebook updates by Arvin’s fiancée, T.J. Klune. For the first time that I can recall a large, diverse group from all over the world has felt the emotion through an online connection that rivals anything I’ve seen before. Most recently, Klune posted a video of Arvin’s recovery process on facebook and I wanted to share it with those who might not have seen it.

I think the important thing to keep in mind is that the video shows how well Arvin is progressing, and how determined he is to get better. And anyone who has ever witnessed a loved one go through a health crisis, from cancer to AIDS, knows what I’m talking about. It’s hard to watch another human being go through something this difficult and not feel the emotion, and at the same time feel thrilled when they start making progress.

You can watch the video here on Facebook.

Amazon Prime Price Raise?

Nothing is definite yet, but Amazon might raise the price of an Amazon Prime membership to between 20 and 40 dollars more. As it stands, the Prime Membership is 79 dollars.

Tom Szkutak, Amazon’s CFO, said that Amazon was “considering” a price increase, but didn’t give a timeline as to when it would go in effect. He also declined to answer an analyst’s question about how the price increase would be implemented, so it’s unclear if existing Prime members would be grandfathered in at $79.

I’m not totally against price increases in a general sense, as long as they are fair. Ten dollars a year wouldn’t bother me. Twenty dollars a year might piss me off but I’d still join. Anything over that and I fold.

You can read more here.

Big Penis Stories

This next link is exactly what the title states: it’s about people with stories to tell about big penises. It’s one of those web sites where people share anonymously, which tends to help create more honesty in cases like this.

I love ’em big, hon, but I think even I would have to pass up on an encounter with you,’cause I don’t think I want anything that big moving around inside me!!! lol But I seriously doubt you have that much,,,why don’t you measure again just to be sure, and then get back to us with a realistic size?

Some stories sound sincere and written with good intentions…to inform people. Others tend to devolve into the ridiculous, but in the same respect can be very amusing.

You can check them out here. Most are written by women.