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Big Gay Energy Tweets; On Tumblr Deleting Erotic Gay Art; Twitter Protects Trans People;

Big Gay Energy Tweets

This is about as silly as it gets. But they pubbed it, so I’m linking.

Big Gay Energy. It’s like Big D*ck Energy, but even bigger. And definitely much, much gayer.

Here’s the rest. It’s a series of Tweets that supposedly shows big gay energy. You have to take it all in the spirit of fun. 

On Tumbler Deleting Gay Erotic Art

I’ve actually had things like this happen to me with gay erotic romances. 

Erotic artist Jas Purrlock has used Tumblr to share her sexy artwork for five years. But though the social platform allows erotic art and nude adult content, Tumblr recently deleted her account for “inappropriate content involving or depicting minors.”

Here’s more. According to this article, her work does NOT depict minors. The same thing happened to my books a few years ago. None of my books have ever contained underage characters, but they’ve been targeted for gay content. 

Twitter Protects Trans People

A lot of people are applauding Twitter for this recent move, me included.

You can now report Twitter users for targeted deadnaming and misgendering.
Twitter updated its Terms of Service last night (23 November) to protect trans people from online abuse.

Here’s the link to this one. It gets into an explanation about targeting and misgendering. A lot of people still don’t “get” misgendering and how wrong it is. 

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