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Marlon Wayans on LeBron’s Penis; Olly Murs Poses With Giant Penis; Drug Offender’s Penis Fell Out Of His Shorts

Marlon Wayans on LeBron’s Penis

I think LeBron would get a lot of attention if he did this:

“If I was [LeBron James], I would just walk around with my **** out.”

Marlon Wayans says LeBron didn’t just stick it to the Warriors Sunday night — he stuck it to all of his critics … and to make his point, he should walk around town with his junk out. 

I agree. I’ve seen a lot of pro athletes taking a lot from critics and fans lately. And it’s not always fair. We put them up on these tall pedestals and we complain when they don’t live up to our expectations.

You can check this out at TMZ. 

Olly Murs Poses With Giant Penis

I haven’t seen anything like this in a while. 

Olly Murs looks to be making the most of his time in Las Vegas – and he can’t hide his excitement.
The former X Factor co-host is in Sin City with some friends, and posed for a rather rude picture as he held onto a giant inflatable penis during a pool party.

It’s all in good penis fun.

Here’s the rest, with a photo of the giant inflatable penis.

Drug Offender’s Penis Fell Out Of His Shorts

Here’s a kind of quirky story about a guy who allegedly claimed his penis fell out of his shorts while he was talking to a woman. 
A man whose penis fell out of his shorts while he was talking to a woman in a caravan park has pleaded guilty to indecent exposure.
Vasilios Lappas was high on drugs when he drove to Darwin’s Free Spirit Resort on December 3 last year, approached the 54-year-old woman and engaged her in conversation.

This very same thing has happened to me with men…several times…once at a wedding.

I think a caravan park in the UK is the same thing as a trailer park here in the US. But don’t quote me on that.


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Simon Cowell and Gay Acts; Gay Sex Causes Earthquakes; Why Men Send Dick Pics

Simon Cowell and Gay Acts

The main reason why I stopped watching American Idol here in the US long before the final season was because I kept getting annoyed at the constant “gay” jokes that went on between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest…always initiated by Cowell. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but I just got tired of Cowell making those snide gay remarks…remarks he would never have made about any other minority. Maybe I was being too sensitive, however, this article I’m linking to now makes me wonder.

It’s an interview with Britain’s Got Talent’s, Danny Beard about his thoughts on Simon Cowell and gay performers/acts.

Simon buzzed Yanis Marshall, the gay dancer in heels, in the final two years ago. He’s buzzed other drag and cabaret performers before. Do you think he has a problem with gay acts?
I don’t think he has a problem, I just don’t think he gets it. It’s not his world. When I first came out and did Rocky Horror, a lot of the comments were about my voice. As it was a musical, he could get it. It fit somewhere in his mind. Because I didn’t do a musical, he just didn’t understand it. After the night was over, he came up to me as said, “I’m really sorry, I just really wanted you to do a musical”. Because it wasn’t a musical, he just didn’t get it. I don’t think he’s got a problem. With his power, and position, I don’t think he could have a problem like that in public.

Here’s the rest of the interview. But I actually think Beard nails it with the comment above. Most straight people just don’t get it. But if you don’t get it, you do, indeed, have a problem. Actually, it’s called homophobia.

Gay Sex Causes Earthquakes

Here’s one you have to read a few times to figure out.

A Muslim cleric has defended the rising attacks on LGBTI people as it ’causes earthquakes’.
Mallam Abass Mahmud, a prominent religious figure in Ghana, made the claim after reports of gay people being assaulted or even killed in the capital Accra and surrounding areas.
In an interview with News Ghana, he said: ‘Allah gets annoyed when males engage in sexual encounter and such disgusting encounter causes earthquake.
‘Should we allow such a shame to continue in our communities against our holy teachings?

You can check that out here

Why Men Send Dick Pics

This is enlightening, especially if you’ve ever done dating apps…or even Twitter for that matter. In short, it’s why men send dick pics.

‘In the gay world, a dick pic is the equivalent of small talk, especially on any sort of sex app,’ Tanner, a 32-year-old in marketing, said. ‘There’s usually a hello, a few back-and-forths before showing your dick is the expected next step. At this point, dick pics aren’t exciting anymore. I don’t even try to take good ones myself because it just doesn’t matter — they’re more of a sign you’re breathing than any real barometer of whether a dude will have sex with you.
For Ryan, a 27-year-old cook, dick pics are the ‘ultimate sign of confidence’.

You read this one here. I honestly don’t know how accurate this is.


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Hot Men Distract Hillary Clinton; Give Captain America A Boyfriend; Rapper The Game’s Big Penis

Hot Men Distract Hillary Clinton

This is amusing…in that cheesy old time wink and slap your knee sort of way. Actually, the title alone is both distracting and ironic enough to make anyone smile.

At a campaign rally in Buena Park, California earlier today, Hillary Clinton got a little, ahem, hot and bothered when two young gentlemen unexpectedly took off their shirts for her. One of them had a giant “H” scribbled across his chest.

You can read the whole thing here.

I have no comment, but you really should read the comments with this one. They’re even more amusing…but in that new time snarky internet way.

Give Captain America A Boyfriend

When I saw this trending on Twitter the other day I tweeted something…something I can’t even remember now. But I think the point is how Twitter is always the first in social media to hit on something like this.

A new campaign to make Captain America gay in Marvel’s billion dollar super hero film franchise has picked up steam since the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend caught like wildfire across the Twitterverse.

You can read the rest here.

Rapper The Game’s Big Penis

Here’s something that dates back a little, but I think it’s interesting how social media has promoted this sort of thing. It’s everywhere. Yesterday I stopped somewhere during a short road trip and I saw a girl and her boyfriend riding around a parking lot aimlessly while she took selfies with her big head and purple hair sticking out of a sun roof.

This is basically the same thing…getting attention through social media.

West Coast rapper the Game has a dating show whose first season wrapped earlier this month, a new album out, and a whole lotta dick. Yesterday, he showed it behind the skimpiest of shorts on his Instagram…

You can read more about this here. I only posted it as another example of how social media has impacted all of us with things like this. 



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A Penis Grows Longer With Practice; Game of Thrones’ Penises; Woman, Gay Club, and Sexism

A Penis Grows Longer With Practice

I’m not sure what to make out of this one, but it’s interesting anyway.

In a study published by journal Evolution and conducted by scientists at the University of Exeter, it was found that the male burying beetle will lengthen the size of its penis through above-average mating over the course of a few generations. The female burying beetle, on the other hand, grows claws in its reproductive organs. 

You can check that out here. They do mention there’s no proof this works with humans.

Game of Thrones’ Penises

Here’s an article that talks about Game of Thrones and penises, which is really a novelty in anything mainstream when you think about it.

If you wanted more penises on Game of Thrones, Sunday night’s episode gave you a penis alright, with a jarring close-up of a Braavosi actor examining his afflicted genitals — warts and all. Across the internet, the move was celebrated as an end to the show’s usual dick-shy ways: “Game of Thrones finally showed a penis,” wrote The Telegraph. The series “finally showed its first penis,” wrote Marie Claire. “It’s about damn time,” said Stephen Colbert.

The entire piece is here, in full

Woman, Gay Club, and Sexism

A young woman named Hannah Riley was denied entry to two gay bars, and now she’s claiming it was sexism. But you really do have to read all of this one to get the point.

Here’s one part of the story:

“We were about halfway to the front,” Riley, a lesbian, tells Buzzfeed in an interview, “and one of the security staff–a woman–said to me, ‘Er, ladies, have you got membership cards?’ And we said, ‘No.’ And she replied, ‘Well, you girls can’t come in then.’

Here’s another part of the story:

So Riley and her friends went to another gay club called Heaven. When they got there, she says they faced a similar dilemma. As they approached the female security guard, Riley recalls, “she asked if we had membership cards and we said, ‘No we don’t,’ and she said, ‘Right, you can’t come in.’”

And this…

She continues: “I think the LGBT scene is just for gay men. It’s sad that women are put off going to gay bars. Why put yourself through queuing up if there’s a strong chance you’re not going to get in?”

 You can read the rest here. The comments are a brutal. But I have to say that I live in a town…New Hope, PA…where there have always been gay clubs and gay culture and I have never once seen a woman discriminated against. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of women frequent the gay bars here…both gay and straight women. It’s just normal. I’ve never seen sexism here. That’s my personal, first hand experience. 



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Trump On Gays, Again; Nick Hawk’s Million Dollar Dick; Stars Who Will Perform In North Carolina

Trump On Gays, Again

Before I even get started, remember the old saying “don’t shoot the messenger.” In other words, I post these things objectively and it doesn’t mean I’m supporting one candidate over another. I don’t think it would be fair to my readers if I got too political here on this blog. I want them to feel comfortable when they come here, because there are very few places where we can feel comfortable anymore.

In any event, here’s an article about an article that I thought was interesting on Trump and gays.

A New York Times article portrayed Donald Trump as possibly a bit pro-gay, or at least not as antigay as other GOP candidates, and the HuffPo’s Michelangelo Signorile is frothing mad.

It all started with veteran reporter Maggie Haberman’s piece “Donald Trump’s More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P.,” an article that is, quite frankly, full of more anecdotal evidence of Trump’s alleged gay-friendliness than any kind of real facts about the matter.

You can read the rest here. The comments are worth reading, too.

I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the future.

Nick Hawk’s Million Dollar Dick

I honestly don’t even know who Nick Hawk is, because I don’t watch reality TV much anymore. The only reality show I really like is Big Brother and that’s only because I’ve been following it since season one…like a hundred years ago.

Gigolos star Nick Hawk just insured his penis for $1 million because, hey, you can never be too careful with your moneymaker, amirite?

Cosmopolitan caught up with the ripped reality star and asked him the questions that would be on our minds if we interviewed him: namely why, how, and…what about theft?

It’s all in good fun. I can’t remember the name of the actor, but when I was a kid I remember some other C-lister did something like this just for the sake of publicity. He drifted off into oblivion, which is why I can’t even remember his name. Everybody gets old, even Nick Hawk and his dick. He may as well use IT to his advantage while he still can.

You can read the rest here.  

Don’t miss the comments.

Stars Who Will Perform In North Carolina

I think I’ve posted before about how some stars are boycotting the entire state of North Carolina in protest against a new law that’s allegedly anti-gay.

But many stars WILL continue to support their fans in North Carolina and they have no intention of letting this law harm people more than it already has. In fact, stars we love like Cyndi Lauper will perform in NC and will donate the proceeds to LGBT organizations. 

“I think for some artists they feel like they can make a difference with their business and some artists feel like they can make a difference being there and supporting their fans that are part of the community,” Cam said. “Why leave them alone? So yeah, it’s kind of a hard thing. I don’t actually have to make that choice currently, but I feel like I’d like to go there just to be with my fans.”

You can check out the rest here. This law has caused so much outrage even PayPal is holding back on a new 400 employee venture in Charlotte.

It was only about six years ago we were all boycotting PayPal for alleged censorship…interesting.


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Drawing Dicks on Newspapers; Penis Yearbook Flash Backfires; The Dick of Met Gala 2016

Drawing Dicks On Newspapers

This one is about as simple as it gets.

People draw dicks on newspapers. Actually, someone pointed this out to me as a joke, but I did a simple search and the topic of drawing dicks came up in a lot of places.

Who would have thought? It’s even inspired a documentary.

But it’s not exactly done in a haphazard way. Mostly, it’s for pure humor and sarcasm. So if you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t click the link below.

Some of it really is art. 

You can check out this link to see what they are doing with dicks at The Herald Sun.

Penis Yearbook Flash Backfires

This reminds me of an old Leave It To Beaver episode I saw in reruns not too long ago. Beaver sabotages his class photo and gets into a lot of trouble for it. Of course on TV there’s a happy ending.

In this case, a high school student flashed his dick during a school photo with the other boys on the football team, and when it was discovered it became something a lot more serious than what happened to The Beaver on TV.

A student who flashed his privates for a picture in his high school yearbook as a prank faces a raft of charges including 69 counts of indecent exposure.

Hunter Osborn’s flash for the camera was not uncovered until after the Red Mountain High School Yearbook was printed.

I find that unbelievable. It was a prank. I can see punishment, but to treat the poor kid as if he were a criminal makes me wonder just how far out of hand our uptight society has become. Come on, teacher people. I know for a fact you’re not all that innocent.  You pretend you are, but we all know better.

It’s a dick. People will live. If it offends you, cut that part out of the yearbook and be done with it.

There is a petition going around now to help the kid out. 

There’s more here

The Dick of Met Gala 2016

In spite of the way that title sounds, this isn’t about Madonna, her big aging ass, or that hideous outfit she wore this year to Met Gala 2016.

This is about someone drawing a dick on Lorde’s cast and writing an amusing caption.

 Yes, you guessed it: someone—who we’re guessing was Ansel Elgort due to Lorde’s follow-up tweets—drew a little penis with the words “Met Balls” right beside all the famous autographs.

You can check that one out here.

That’s about it for penis news right now. Nothing else dick-related happened.


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Hot Erotic Gay Fiction: Unabated by Ryan Field; Male Full frontal Nudity On TV; Is Sexting Cheating?

Hot Erotic Gay Fiction: Unabated by Ryan Field

I actually don’t think that Unabated is one of my steamiest books…for lack of a better term. But I guess that’s debatable. It is sexy and it is a full length novel…and it does have a strong love story about new adults.

I do know that the theme of this new adult gay romance explores the concept of gay open marriages, and all the rules that go along with them. And the subplot has to do with two gay men who have been together for many years and are keeping a deep dark secret from everyone.

It’s not a mystery, but it does have a happy ending. I think that’s important, because it’s so hard to find a happy ending with any gay content that is produced these days.

In any event, here are a few of the links, and the blurb is below. It will be in a few other places, too, and I’ll post them soon. It’s usually in iTunes.

It will also be available as a print book soon.

Amazon Kindle



Danny and Vince have an almost perfect gay marriage in New York, and then they move to a small gay enclave in the suburbs of Pennsylvania where they discover something interesting: most of the older gay couples have open marriages. Danny and Vince are still in their twenties, and everything about their lives is new and exciting. So when they leave New York to be closer to Vince’s job as a TV weather person in Pennsylvania, they discover they’re interested in exploring the possibilities of an open gay marriage, too.

In the midst of all this “adulting,” from being first time homeowners to buying a new car, the changes Danny and Vince experience in the small town of Penn’s Grant lead them to new sexual and emotional experiences they never had in New York. They not only meet gay couples who have been together for decades, but a few who have been leading double lives and hiding deep dark secrets that have ruled their lives. Thanks to his new open gay marriage, Danny discovers a few secrets about his own strong desires for men he never knew existed.

Will their open gay marriage ruin them both forever, or will it wind up bringing them closer together? And will the move to Penn’s Grant turn them into the small town gay couple they never wanted to become in the first place?

Male Full Frontal Nudity On TV 

Here’s another article that explores male full frontal nudity, and the double standard, but on TV this time. Of course Game of Thrones is there.

Before Meloni became a huge network star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, he joined the cast of HBO’s jail drama Oz. The series frequently had fights in the shower, graphic nude scenes, and a uniquely naked approach to solitary confinement. Meloni was not shy about being all kinds of naked including a scene where he’s fully nude talking with EGOT-winner Rita Moreno.

You can check this out here. 

Is Sexting Cheating?

I’ve never thought too much about this one. I haven’t even put it in a book…yet. But I think it brings up an interesting question: is sexting actually cheating? And when I say sexting I’m talking about DMs, too.

They did a survey and this is what they found…those “they” survey people.

35 percent of respondents said that yes, sexting is tantamount to cheating. Meanwhile, one in 10 say they thought it was “just a bit of fun.” And 62 percent said sending dirty pictures is worse than sending dirty texts.

Eight percent of respondents said they had sexted with someone other than their partner in the last year, and one third of them said the sexting had resulted in them ultimately meeting up and having sex behind their partner’s back.

You can read the rest here, where there’s a survey that you can take. One of the answers is “Only when you get caught.”

Evidently, it’s complicated. 


Weird Penis Stories; Weird Vagina Stories; Redback Spider Bites Dude’s Penis On Toilet

Weird Penis Stories

Every now and then I come across a link with some of the most unusual penis stories I’ve ever read, and this is one of them.

Don’t read this page before lunch. In fact, make sure that you are not digesting much of anything, because below I have some of the strangest penis (and one testicle) stories that you’ll ever run across. 

This is one page that actually hurts to write, but at least after reading some of these stories, you’ll be shopping for a Kevlar cup and treating the Little Man downstairs with a little more respect.  These stories will also make you appreciate your own penis, regardless of size, color or national origin.  In fact, it will make you appreciate just having one!

You can read them here. I never knew there even was such a thing as testicular death. But there you are. 

Weird Vagina Stories

In order to avoid being called a misogynist, I figured I’d better give equal time to weird vagina stories. And as you would imagine, there are at least ten weird vagina stories in the article I’m linking to now…like vaginal Kung Fu.

Anami, an intimacy coach who teaches, among other things, “vaginal kung fu,” is a believer in the power every woman holds between her legs and has set out to prove it. She has travelled around the world, tagging Instagram photos with #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, demonstrating her unique abilities and seriously impressive vaginal muscles.

Anami’s work is no joke – strengthening pelvic muscles can lead to better sex, stronger orgasms and can also ward off incontinence.

You can read about them all here.

Redback Spider Bites Dude’s Penis On Toilet

If you’re like me and you despise anything spider related, this one isn’t going to be easy to read. A construction worker in Australia went to one of those portable toilets on his break, and when he sat down he was bitten on the penis by a poisonous redback spider.

According to a story in the Adelaide Advertiser, paramedics rushed to the scene but the victim got to the hospital on his own.

“He somehow managed to get alternative transport to hospital,” an ambulance spokesman says.

The victim was treated and later discharged, the BBC writes.

This is one reason why I never use portable toilets, ever, anywhere. I also check for spiders everywhere I do go.

Here’s the rest.  

The Arrangement

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"Free the Penis;" Cut Or Uncut Penises and Sensitivity; More On the Importance of Penis Size

“Free The Penis”

I wonder if Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones has noticed how I’ve been posting about this topic for years, because she’s now stating that instead of more female nudity on TV, we need more male nudity. Actually, I think a lot of people notice it…except Hollywood producers.

“Yes,” Clarke said, adding that she would like to see “equal male nudity and female nudity,” meaning full frontal male nudity as well as the more conventional shots from the rear.

“Free the penis,” she said, sending Conan into peals of laughter.

You can read the rest here.

It’s a rather long one, but she’s not holding back.

Cut Or Uncut Penises and Sensitivity

There’s always been a great deal of controversy over whether a circumcised penis has less sensitivity. And now a new study claims it doesn’t have any less than a penis that is uncircumcised.

 New research has re-ignited the debate after scientists have suggested that circumcision in babies does not reduce penis sensitivity, despite previous claims to the contrary. The new research, reported in The Journal of Urology, studied 62 men between the ages of 18 and 37, of whom 30 were circumcised and 32 were non-circumcised.

Now that sounds like an interesting study.  I really don’t care either way. I think what you do with the penis is more important than than whether it’s cut or uncut.  You can read more about this here.

More On the Importance of Penis Size

This is another one of those articles about how the penis is so important to women, leaving out the concerns of men completely. It really makes me feel sorry for straight men (and women) when I read things like this. I know not all women think this way, but these articles make it appear that way.

But I won’t rant. I think we’ve all reached the point of PC overload lately. At least this one sounds honest…

In the study, women were shown a selection of 53 different CGI models of nude male bodies, and were asked to rate them in attractiveness on a 7-point scale. As expected, the figures with the larger-sized members were rated higher compared to those with, uh less robust genitals, and figures that possessed the holy trinity of substantial height, broad shoulders, and a big penis (a.k.a. Greek God status) were rated the highest. No surprise there.

The rest of the article is here. There are some interesting points about evolution, though.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

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A Bionic Penis; The "Ideal" Penis; First American Penis Transplant

A Bionic Penis

I think this is an interesting story about science and technology with regard to sexuality and intimacy. It’s a good example of how something like this can change a man’s life completely.

Mohammed Abad’s story has captured the interest of the world.

The lovelorn security guard, who was fitted with a £70,000 eight-inch bionic penis in 2012, lost his virginity this year at the age of 44 with the help of a sex worker.

And while he would still like to find true love and eventually have children, he is delighted to evangelize about the ‘sexnology’ that has allowed him to feel like a man again.

You can read all the details at this link.  There’s actually a pretty good description detailing how all this works.

The “Ideal” Penis

I know this story isn’t exactly breaking science news, but I did pass up linking to a story about a Kardashian who has never seen a white penis, as if we care. So there’s that.

In any event, here’s a link to a video where porn stars talk about the ideal penis.

Sure, porn stars are forced to work with larger-than-average “talent” throughout their careers, but what do they do recreationally? Do they enjoy having giant bulldozers normally, or do they prefer to work with more manageable-sized man parts?

You can check that out here. I think this one is SFW.

First American Penis Transplant

On another note, here’s a link that’s far more serious and details an actual penis transplant. It’s really something that’s valid, both physically and emotionally,  and it shows how doctors deal with a devastating military case where the guy lost his penis in combat. I think things like this are relevant mostly because we don’t hear about them on the local six o’clock news. They’re all too busy putting a spin on politics…and fake-smiling too much.

This excerpt shows what I’m talking about…

Doctors will perform 60 such surgeries on combat veterans – and more than 60 additional men are already on the waitlist to have the procedure performed. Johns Hopkins will pay for the first surgery, which it estimates to cost between $200,000 and $400,000, and it has asked the government to chip in for subsequent operations. The Department of Veterans Affairs will pay for the cocktail of anti-rejection medicines the men must take once the surgery has been performed.

You can check that out at this link. It’s actually a detailed article that explains how the penis transplant works.

The Rainbow Detective Agency Rancho Mirage

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