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Confessions From Men With HIV; Underground Gay Night Clubs; John Hamm’s Big Penis

Confessions From Men With HIV

Here is a series of memes where men who are living with HIV talk candidly.

And the future is bright! Having HIV doesn’t mean what it once did — detecting the virus early and starting the right course of meds means a full, happy and healthy life is very much within reach. In many ways, knowing you’re positive and taking the proper course of action is safer than not knowing your status at all.

At one time I would have been totally put off by the expression in this article, “and the future is bright…” Because while yes, the future is bright, there are still a lot of issues that are never addressed in gay presses honestly. I know people living with HIV and they do, indeed, have perfectly normal lives for the most part. However, you have to get blood work every three months, you have to live with possible side effects of HIV meds (and there are side effects), and then you have to make sure you take the drugs daily. There are money concerns (the drugs aren’t cheap…thousands of dollars), health insurance issues, and it just continues. 

However, I’m not put off anymore when I read things like this. I realize now there are a lot of people writing at gay presses who just don’t know any better. And, most of all, HIV is not a death sentence anymore. It’s a manageable disease and I believe in a positive approach.

You can read what these men say here. I think the one that hits me the hardest talks about the stigma that’s still attached to HIV. That stigma needs to go away.

You’ll want to read the comments with this one. I’m not sure how true they are, but one comment makes allegations about the validity of the quotes. I honestly don’t know. 

Underground Gay Night Clubs

I have to admit that I love underground gay clubs of any kind. There’s something about the gay connection and being a gay man that’s hard to describe. And I think I assimilate about as good as anyone else out there these days. But sometimes you need to be with other gay men just like you. 

This one is about a circuit party in Germany.

Revolver is one of Berlin’s biggest monthly circuit parties, showcasing an impressive lineup of DJs, go-go boys and performers from the international gay underground scene. Since its launch just a few years ago, Revolver has quickly become one of the most popular underground parties in all of Germany, and has expanded to other cities as well, including Cologne and Mannheim.

You can check out the photos here. I think it’s safe to say that this one is mostly about the “G” in LGBT.

John Hamm’s Big Penis

Here’s an Esquire article about comedian Catie Lazarus and an interview with John Hamm.

To be fair, guest Jon Hamm started it. After he made an awkward dick joke, Lazarus expertly tried to steer the ship back to how Hamm feels about being valued for his good looks. When Hamm answered, “There is so no way to answer this without coming across like a giant dick,” Lazarus, without missing a beat, said, “Yeah, that too,” in reference to the constant chatter about Hamm’s giant wang. His reaction is priceless:

You can watch the video here. Aside from the fact that I think John Hamm is about the best looking man on the planet, I don’t think you should miss this.


The Arrangement

Funny Huge Penis Stories; Huge Penis Implant; Huge Penis Made Him A Virgin

Funny Huge Penis Stories

Here’s an article from Men’s Health with a few funny, huge penis stories.

As a brand devoted to men and men’s interests, we try to provide you with the best and most extensive penis news coverage on the internet. If it happened to a wang, or effects your dingdong in some way, we’ll tell you about it.

You can check that out here.

This one is particularly amusing.

Like this guy, who for some reason decided to put his erect penis into a roll of Scotch tape and then, upon discovering that he couldn’t remove it, advertise this fact on 4chan, a social image bulletin board, in the hopes of getting some guidance on how to get the damn thing off.

Huge Penis Implant

I found this story in GQ and thought it was fairly interesting. An LA surgeon has invented a huge penis implant that is costly, but will almost double your size. It’s actually a very well written piece with comments from the doctor, and from people who are familiar with the final result.

Another guy, a 43-year-old mechanic from Arizona, told me he got an XL Penuma inserted two years ago because “I realized, well, nothing about me is average or normal, and I didn’t want my sexuality to be average or normal anymore.” After the surgery, he said, his boners increased from six and a half inches to eight and a half inches, and the Penuma “gave me this crazy amount of stamina. Like, I can go for two hours. And I have more control over my orgasms. I mean, I can be going like a Mack truck and still hold back.”

You can read the rest of this here. 

Huge Penis Made Him A Virgin

Here’s a link to one of those advice columns. This one is from the UK. Evidently, there is a guy there who is so large no woman wants to go near him.

 The closest a woman gets is putting a hand on it and once an escort lady refunded my money and left. Please help. It’s making me very unhappy.

There’s more here. 

Don’t worry. I don’t get this one either. Maybe he should at least consider a gay hook up. I doubt he’d remain a virgin for long.

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