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Lesbians Kicked out of Restroom; Perez Hilton and Pretend Lesbian; Gay Sex To Donuts

Lesbians Kicked Out of Restroom

A lesbian couple who were mistaken for men were kicked out of a women’s restroom in a London movie theater. The two women were obviously devastated to the point of frustration, but it doesn’t sound as if there was any overt discrimination. The security guards really thought they were men and they thought they were doing the right thing. But it does sound awfully extreme.

Writing on Facebook, Williams wrote: ‘I have never felt so humiliated in all my life. Just because me and my girlfriend look less than feminine is no reason to pull us out into a crowd of people because we went into the female toilets. 

‘For the first time ever I feel ashamed of being myself.’ 

She added: ‘This should not happen to ANYONE. Not just the LGBT community, but anyone being made to feel like this is disgusting.’ 

You can read the rest here, where there’s a photo of the two women who were mistaken for men. The owners only offered them free movie tickets.

The comments are interesting. Several people are arguing over whether the restroom should be called a “bathroom” or a “toilet.” Nothing like priorities.

Perez Hilton and Pretend Lesbian

Speaking of lesbian related stories…Perez Hilton is not a lesbian, but he’s on the UK version of Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother.  In his attempts to help out a fellow house guest, he suggested she pretend to be a lesbian…for this reason:

Hilton had this suggestion to fellow houseguest Cami Li: ‘Pretend lesbianism will get you very far with the British public.’ 

Now that’s just dumb. Who says something like that? BUT, I’m no fan of Perez Hilton, and the comments that follow from the other house guest who he said this to leaves me wondering even more. It’s like one slur following another.

Li was not amused, according to the Daily Mail. ‘I have self-respect and my family are watching!’ she told Hilton who is openly gay.

When confronted later, Hilton was allegedly in tears and he apologized for his offensive suggestion. Offensive suggestion? Are they saying it’s offensive to be considered a lesbian? I hope not. It’s a dumb suggestion. But should that be considered offensive?

I don’t know the full details on this one because the article is lacking information, but if Li is implying there’s something wrong with being a lesbian I’m not too fond of that kind of thinking. Plus, those who know the Big Brother game…and it IS a game…know that anything goes and you can lie, cheat, and steal in order to win the game. It’s actually part of the strategy and it’s expected. I’ve seen house guests pretend more on BB in the US.

Now, if Li had said she didn’t want to pretend to be a lesbian because it would be insulting to lesbians and it would be a form of cultural appropriation, I would be on her side. But as it stands, I’m not sure what to think about this one and I’m not sure Perez needed to offer an apology. Because there is no shame in being a lesbian, not even a pretend lesbian.

The rest is here.

Gay Sex to Donuts

This one is about one of those Mormon couples on that TLC TV show, My Husband’s Not Gay. I think we’ve all heard about that one, but this new revelation where one husband compares gay sex to donuts is really unbelievable.

On ABC’s Nightline he was talking about his attraction to men, and how he’s comfortable having sex with his wife. And then he said this, comparing donuts to sex with men:

“I love donuts! I would eat donuts three times a day. But I desire to be able to fit in my pants in the morning, too. SO you could say I’m oriented towards donuts. And if I were being true to myself, I would eat donuts a lot more than I eat donuts. But am I miserable? Am I lonely? Am I denying myself because I don’t eat donuts as much as I’d like to eat donuts? I’m not.”

Well, good for him. I don’t eat donuts either. But I’m not giving up men. That’s just too much to ask a person to do. Not eating donuts won’t fuck me up psychologically. Giving up men and my identity as a gay man will do far more harm than make my waist size go up a few inches.

You can read more here. It’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen yet written about this show. I really don’t care what these people do, but don’t compare gay sex to donuts unless you want me to compare straight sex with fish tacos.