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Investigating Penis Sizes; Males Have 11 Erections A Day; Mr. Gay Competition Muslim Finalist

Investigating Penis Sizes

This link is definitely NSFW, however, it’s actually fairly on target. And it’s not porn, or at least I wouldn’t consider it porn. I think it’s more of a psychology piece. There are photos.

It really is an in-depth investigation about penises.

In truth, my fascination is less about penises themselves and more about the disjunct between what they are—dangling, fleshy, easily agitated protuberances—and what they are asked to represent: authority, virility, power. They are masculinity’s synecdoche, and rather an odd choice.

You can read the rest here.

 Males Have 11 Erections A Day

This article was linked with the one above…in case you didn’t bother to click…and I thought it was worth mentioning separately. I didn’t know this. And I think this one is SFW.

The average man has about 11 erections each day and several more at night.

But these erections don’t always happen because a man is sexually excited. Sometimes, there is no sexual stimulus at all.

For example, many men wake up with an erection. These morning erections are usually the last of a series of 3 to 5 erections that happen during the night (nocturnal penile tumescence). Each erection usually lasts for about 25 – 35 minutes.

There’s more here. 

Overall, the entire site is fascinating, and it’s more clinical than anything else. You can learn a great deal there. The part about reflex erections was something I didn’t know about either.

Mr. Gay Competition Muslim Finalist

This entire article is conflicting because as far as I know being LGBT and Muslim don’t go hand in hand. In case you’re not familiar, here are a few facts. I no expert on religion, so I needed to read them, too.

Prejudice remains, both socially and legally, in much of the Islamic world against people who engage in homosexual acts.

You can read more about LGBT in Islam here. 

In any event, they’ve chosen a practicing Muslim for the Mr. Gay Competition, and again, I find so much of the entire article conflicting.

“I want to show that 2016 should be a feasible year for the existence of different cultures, including Islam, in order to all live in peace. It should be feasible for everyone to accept people as they are,” he said in an interview. That’s a nice sentiment, but he has his work cut out for him when it comes to showing people what it means to be Muslim and openly gay.

He has his work cut out for him in a lot of different aspects.

My one big question is why does his religion even matter in this competition? We don’t ask about the religions of other guys in the competition so why should he be singled out? The article even mentions this:

There’s no word on the religion, if any, of the other contestants.

You can read more about this here. 

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