BIG BAD AND ON TOP is a book about two gay men in the military who find each other, fall in love, and have to deal with their furtive situation. The live in fear they will be discovered, and sneak around so no one will find out about their relationship. It’s loosely based on the old movie, Top Gun, with Tom Cruise. And, once again, I didn’t write it as fan fiction. Personally, I didn’t even like the film when I first saw it. If anything, my book is more like anti-fan fiction. And because the main characters are two gay men in the military during DADT, the characters in this book, not to mention the ending of the book, don’t follow the original storyline of the film.

Growing up when movies and books like Top Gun were released in the mainstream, I would have killed to have had something I could identify with. And there was nothing but the same old arty, over-written, gay fiction that satisfied a small sub-culture of the lgbt culture. The books I read about gays were elitist and far too political, with creepy titles and long drawn out narrative, and I couldn’t identify with any of the characters. The books I read in the mainstream never went near the topic of gay men, so I couldn’t identify there either. (This is one of the reasons I love Toni Morrison’s books so much…though I couldn’t identify with characters of African descent, I could identify with oppressed characters.) But if there had been a book like BIG BAD TOP GUY I would have read it for sheer pleasure. To feel good and to be entertained without having to think too hard. And sometimes that’s what reading is supposed to be all about.

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