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Interesting Article: "On Being a Bi Author" by David Sullivan

When I was a kid a particular wish was to read other people’s minds, thus I ask a lot of questions. Because of my diverse background, including being bisexual, I’m the subject of many queries. I welcome questions because it leads to understanding, which leads to a calmer world. In third grade I enjoyed staring at cute, slender boys. Three years later girls got my attention and after that I was a switch hitter, but struggled with social stereotypes. Born in 1954, only straights and gays ‘existed’ in the world that raised me. When I first heard the term ‘bisexual’, and later ‘bi-curious’, a calm settled in. I admitted my bisexuality to myself at seventeen and inched out over the years until the final outbreak in my early 50s.

David Sullivan is a fellow author of mine at I see him in yahoo groups often, but don’t know much about him.

But I do think his article is fascinating. We hear a lot about the LG in LGBT, but not much about the B or T. It’s nice to see someone talking about it so openly.

Frankly, I think there are A LOT of bisexuals that aren’t heard from for obvious reasons that include both the need for discretion and the fact that many don’t believe bisexuals exist. I hear both gay and straight people dismiss bisexuality all the time and it really freaks me out. This article by David Sullivan affirms a few things more people need to pay attention to.

People with multiple skills or talents are admired, thus the term Renaissance Man (person), yet I’ve encountered disbelief and prejudice against bi folks. The most common stereotypes are that I was unable to admit I was gay, or I was confused and thus a fence sitter hiding under the bi category.

You can read the article in full, here.

And here’s a goodreads link to find out more about David’s work.