New Book Release…

It’s been a busy week. I submitted another novel to ravenousromance. com last Friday. It’s paranormal and it’s titled BEWITCHED BUDDIES. The title is tentative right now. But the story is about two hot young guys who take a road trip from Washington DC to Provincetown, Cape Cod. One is a werewolf who is on a quest to have the curse removed, and the other is a warlock who refuses to use his powers because he wants to be normal and live a regular life like everyone else. It’s a male/male romance, with tons of twists and turns, but with a surprise ending.

On Monday, I submitted another short story for the upcoming SEX AND TAXES anthology for ravenous romance. The story is male/male and it’s about a sexy young weight lifter who calls on a nerdy, but handsome, young accountant to help him sort out all his receipts. They start out organizing box fulls of write-offs, but wind up naked and in the middle of a pile of receipts.

And between getting the story out on time and working on two other stories (I’m not mentioning them, because one has never been done before…at least I don’t think it has), I started the latest novel for Ravenous, which I’m hoping to finish by the end of the month. And in the midst of everything else, I just found out yesterday that SURFER BOYS was released by Cleis Press. I have a short story in this book that’s titled “Carmel-by-the-Sea,” and it’s all about a sexy young guy who is out to conquer all his fears, and in doing so he meets the surfing instructor of his dreams.