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Bewtiched a Gay Series? Ben Affleck’s Penis; The President and Gay Rumors

Bewitched a Gay Series?

This is an interesting examination of the old TV sitcom, Bewitched, because it talks about how the subtle interpretation of the show could have been compared to living in the closet. It’s an interview with an author of a non-fic book, and I actually agree with everything here, and I think that’s why Bewitched still has such a huge gay following in reruns fifty years later.

If you watched the “witch” season of American Horror, there were more than a few subtle parodies of the sitcom, Bewitched. And I even parodied the trope loosely in a book titled, He’s Bewitched. Gay men like pop culture, even the most elite. Which is also interesting because I find that the straight people who tend to enjoy examining gay men have no use at all for pop culture…because they aren’t gay and don’t have a real clue about gay men. Before I get into another rant on cultural appropriation in m/m romance, here’s an excerpt from the article to which I’m linking.

Queerty: It’s easy to see Bewitched as a metaphor for repressed people not allowed to be who they really are. Is there also a deeper hidden gay subtext in the series?

Adam-Michael James: This was a show that was dealing with a mixed marriage between a witch and a mortal and different cultures. The main witch had to repress and conceal her powers from the world so there was definitely some of that in there. Elizabeth Montgomery was certainly pro-gay and we’re talking about a show that was out at the height of the original civil rights movement and on through the hippie counter-culture and free love era of the early ‘70s. I think there was definitely a message in there, not only for gay people but for everyone.
You can read the rest here. In my circles we even have an older gay man we refer to as “Aunt Clara.” And if you read the comments with this article that gay men have left, you’ll see what I’m talking about.  

Ben Affleck’s Penis

This is actually an article about Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ricky Martin. But that’s too long for a title and the best clickbait was Affleck’s dick. Sorry, Ben. It’s all about search engines nowadays.

In any event, it’s one of those multi-link deals. There’s a link to Ben Affleck’s allegedly impressive penis, and one to Neil Patrick Harris’s (which I don’t care too much about). But the most interesting part about this one is how Ricky Martin has inspired men to have plastic surgery.

A guy in Argentina is so enamored with Ricky Martin that he’s had numerous surgeries to look more like him. We completely understand.
I don’t know what the big deal is with plastic surgery. I had my nose done (not because of Ricky Martin) about 20 years ago when I was still in high school and I never regretted a minute of it. I intend to have more done when the time comes.

The President and Gay Rumors
There’s been this rumor floating around on social media all week about an alleged affair President Obama and Harry Styles from “One Direction” had…a gay affair. It’s too risky to comment on in too much detail because of the source, so I’ll just link and generalize.
First, Styles doesn’t even know what it’s all about:

When Harry, 20, was quizzed about the affair at last night’s BBC Music Awards he seemed unaware of the rumour replying, “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about” before he then added, after a quick explanation: “I’ve heard some good ones in my time, but that’s interesting.”

Liam added: “Wow, it’s all getting a bit political!” Louis then joked: “So, does that give you some power in the White House then?” as Harry said: “Yeah, maybe.”

Second, some ultra gay liberals ran to Obama’s defense, and in doing so they only promote more gay shame with their lame attempts to protect him. Here’s what one gay man said in the comment section:

I, for one, am really getting very tired of this nonsense. I have been out and active in the Chicago gay scene for 40 plus years and I have never met anyone claimed to have had sex with President Obama. But I am willing to bet that if Ted Cruz is still in politics for a few more years he will eventually be caught with a boy friend or a rent boy.

So what? Is there something that wrong with having a gay affair? I’m serious, and my question is this. Would anyone be reacting so strongly if the tabloid had headlined a feature about the President…or any other famous male figure…and a woman? I think they would be reacting in defense in a normal way, but not as strongly and defensively as they are with the gay angle. And in doing this, and in denying how impossible it would be for President Obama…or any other famous male figure…to have an affair with Harry Styles only promotes more passive aggressive homophobia because they make it sound so taboo. Is it really so far-fetched? I find President Obama extremely attractive, and I would even if he wasn’t President.

You can read the rest here.  I just hope no one finds out about the three-way I had with George Bush and Dick Cheney. I swore I’d never kiss and tell.

He’s Bewitched

Amazon Review:  I picked this up on a whim, and actually enjoyed it very much! It’s full of supernatural elements, witches, warlocks, werewolves, oh my! I especially loved the little dog, Tag, and the super hot sex scenes between Brett, the main character, and Rhys, an unlikely werewolf along for the ride with Brett and his witchy grandma. Definitely not to be taken seriously, it’s a fun, fast read with plenty of action and sexy scenes. If you want a light reading, supernatural-gay romance, this is the one!