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Ravenous Romance writer on the same best-seller list with Nora Roberts…HUH?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hate talking about what I do. I usually tell strangers that I work in publishing and leave it at that. I rarely tell anyone I’m a writer, and I never hock my books unless it’s the right time or place to do so. I’ve been a published writer since I was in college, for over fifteen years. I’ve been published by all the best gay presses, and some mainstream, so I don’t lack credentials. But I’m a little shy about what I do, and I’d rather not talk about it in person.

When I mention on this blog that a book I’m in, SURFER BOYS, edited by Neil Plakcy, was listed on the bestseller list in Canada last week, here, in the gay fiction category, it’s not because I’m bragging. It’s because someone else on that same list, in another category, is Nora Roberts, the famous romance writer.

It’s not bragging. So I hope it doesn’t sound like bragging. It’s humility. I’m humbled and honored to be in a book that was not only edited by one of the best gay writers on earth, Neil Plakcy, but also on the same bestseller list as the great lady, Nora Roberts. She’s an articulate, seasoned writer and I’ve always enjoyed her work.

I’m also humbled and honored to have the opportunity to be published by The editors are the best, the other writers are some of the most professional I’ve ever met, and it has opened up a world of possibilities for this gay writer he never would have imagined.