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Wow! I’m Surprised! — THE RAINBOW AWARDS

This has been a long week, and this post as a lot of information. I finished another novel that has to be edited next week, I wrote a short story in two nights with a fast deadline, I’ve been fighting pirates, and I’ve been working on my friend’s insurance appeal. On top of all this, I found out that a publisher I’ve worked with for a long time had his entire list of books released in digital format and I’m never going to get a single royalty payment from any of my short stories. All I received was a flat fee of $25.00. It was a sneaky way of doing business, but I learned a good lesson.

But I’m surprised! Today turned out to be a great day. I found out this morning that DOWN THE BASEMENT is number 8 on I like this story, but I didn’t think it would ever hit a best seller list anywhere. It seems as if this story never stops surprising me. And being that I love to shop over at allromanceebooks, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see it hit their list.
Update to post: And there was more good news today. The Rainbow Awards have been posted over at Elisa Rolle’s blog. So check out the titles and congratulate the winners. Elisa worked hard on this, and so did everyone else who was involved.