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Celebrate Marriage Equality; Surviving In the Wilderness with a Hot Young Guy; Best Nude Beaches

Celebrate Marriage Equality

This is one of those lighter pieces that gives 10 great ways to celebrate marriage equality. And we should be celebrating…even though there are still some serious issues other LGBT are dealing with. I don’t like to play them down.

But this is a good one:

Put your money where your mouth is:

If the right to marry the person you love (even if you don’t know him or her yet) is something that makes you a proud gay, consider all of our brothers and sisters who are still in the trenches, fighting for equality. Assuming you’ve got a little something to spare, we’re sure Amnesty International’s marriage equality organization would love to hear from you — and your bank account.

You can read more here. It’s not over with yet. The fight still continues.

Surviving In the Wilderness with a Hot Young Guy

Here’s something about how to survive in the wilderness. To be honest, I have trouble finding my keys in the morning and there isn’t a guy good looking enough to make me do this.

We’d like to amend our list of things we’d want to be equipped with if stranded in the wild.
Here’s the old list:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. iPod loaded with enough Queen, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Bjork to last a lifetime
  3. Catered lunches

There’s more here, with photos and a video. Check out the comments about “this guy,” too.

Best Nude Beaches

I’ve been to nude beaches many times and I found something interesting each time I went. For the first fifteen minutes you feel nude, but after that you don’t even realize you are nude. It’s not erotic anymore, and it just feels completely natural.

When we gave you The World’s 10 Best Gay Beaches it became clear you wanted to skip the tan lines and feel the heat. If you’re looking for clothing optional options that include sun, sand and surf get thee to a nude beach!

You can check them out here. Of course the photos are all good looking young guys. It’s been my experience that you won’t usually find them nude there as often as you will those guys who follow a very strict pizza and doughnut diet.

The Rainbow Detective Agency 

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