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Links To Authentic Best Gay Writing Blogs

The following links came from here.

I’ve mentioned that I used to write reviews and do interviews for the original Best Gay Blogs web site that was owned and operated by a gay couple in New York. I think that goes back to 2003. For them it was a sideline, at the time. They both had corporate jobs and started it for fun and wound up selling the blog about fives years later to larger corporation. I stopped freelancing for them after it was sold because I didn’t want to work with new owners. I’m a little rigid that way. And I liked working for the original owners so much I knew it would be hard to work for anyone else.

Sometimes I feel the need to go back to my roots…as a gay man. I see so much garbage out there these days, and so many inauthentic spins on what it’s like to be a gay man I often turn my head and ignore it. I recently did a search for personal gay blogs and came up with almost nothing…at least nothing that resembled the list of personal gay bloggers I knew when I worked for Best Gay Blogs. Many bloggers are interesting this way. They start out strong and then disappear. And you can’t really blame them, especially when they are talking about their own personal lives and situations. I also know they don’t get much exposure either and they don’t turn up on search engines because they don’t always understand how blogging works. Title a blog something strange and unrelated to what the subject is and no one will ever find you.

But the following links, I think, are very indicative of what’s happening now with gay male bloggers who are writing erotic short stories/fiction. The odds are you won’t see these blogs mentioned anywhere on publishing blogs because publishing blogs ignore many of the realities of what it’s really like to be a gay male. These are concentrated on erotic fiction about gay men. In some cases the details about the bloggers are limited because the fiction is based on personal experience. But that’s not a surprise to me. This particular genre has always catered to the discreet reader. And the more real it gets the more discreet it tends to get.

As a side note, most of the links are for adults only, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t literary or artistic. And I think it’s important to state that once in a while. Actually, I usually find myself defending it now.

Pleasant Encounters with Men in Uniform

Pleasant Encounters with College Men

Smoking Hot Erotic M/M Stories

The Nautical Star

A Different Kind of Story

Adam Rising

The blog below is one of my own personal favorites. It’s honest, it’s real, it talks about the realities of gay life, and nothing is held back. In other words, you don’t find anyone saying “Polka-Doodle-Dooo” on this web site.

50 Shady Gays

Excerpt from homepage:

I wonder if any other gay men feel the same? Underneath the spandex and the Speedo’s, is there a crushingly shy individual screaming to shout, “this record is the soundtrack to an endless lubed up fuck that isn’t fun anymore, and it hasn’t changed for years!” Who knows? Well, that was the case with me. I partied and flounced, and I had all the right lines, (both coke AND conversation) but I never really got a decent fuck-on. Sad.

It was in my mid thirties that I actually let go.

Deep down I always believed in love. Like I said, I was an idiot. I never told anyone – Because I knew I was being an idiot! In fact, I tried so hard not to care, I actually ended up missing the gay-love boat entirely.

AnthonyLAND: Blogger Anthony Romero

A reader passed me a link to this blogger and I wanted to mention him in a quick post. Before I get into his blog, I’d like to state that this is not for the faint of heart (smile.) The blog contains explicit adult content, so if you’re only interested in schmaltzy m/m romance (which I do love at times), this might not be the web site for you. Or, if you feel superior and you like to turn gay men into toy poodles and call the “boys,” as I know some do, stick with the fake gay stuff that’s out there.

But if you are interested in all things gay male oriented, from literary novels published by fine companies like Cleis Press to the wonderful m/m romances you might find at or, and you are open to all aspects of gay male culture without passing judgment or feeling superior and quasi literary (had to get that shot in, and only because I see so much bullshit about these quasi “literary” types who don’t even have clue 🙂 then by all means check out AnthonyLAND. You will not be disappointed.

This blog, as I remember it in the beginning, is what blogging is really supposed to be about. It was created by Anthony Romero, and this is what his profile says:

“Model, performer, lovable jackass. Anything I say can and will be used against you.”

His posts range from his own erotic videos to a few great personal posts about his life. He writes about his diet and his work outs. One post in particular I read recently was about how disappointed he was with a recent dog boarding experience. I have two dogs, and his post resonated with me because it is the exact reason why I NEVER board my dogs or trust anyone with them.

I’d also like to add that the reader who sent me his link also sent me an attachment of a short erotic story Anthony wrote. It was absolutely excellent. His fiction is what gay fiction is, and should be, all about. Not only is the natural writing talent there, with room to be nurtured, the voice and tone of his material surpassed anything erotic I’ve read in a long time. I hope he continues to write and pursue getting his fiction published. I think we need more guys like him writing gay fiction to keep the genre both alive and authentic, and I’d be willing to bet most of my serious readers would agree with me.

Here’s an excerpt from one post about his diet and workout routine, and the photo above is the example he’s talking about.

Some of the things I say come from my own experience and research, but by no means are the only right way. I take no responsibility for anyone hurting him or herself. Take everything you read here and anywhere with a grain of salt; however, while I may not be a professional, I do have a bit of knowledge (here’s proof 😉

Check Out "My Big Gay Blog"

As a lot of readers know, I used to interview and review gay bloggers for, and I’m always surfing the net looking for something new. I don’t know how I missed “My Big Bay Blog” for so long, but I did.

I don’t know how often the blogger posts, but I loved this post so much I’m linking to it so you can see for yourself.

This is one of those times when I love blogging, especially for gay men who’ve been so cut off and sheltered from society for so long. It’s an honest glimpse into the lives of real gay men living and working and playing just like everyone else.

Here’s the link to a post I loved from April. And here’s the main link.

Looking Over Old Stuff…Best Gay Blogs

I used to write and review for the web site, I started around 2004, and continued until the guys who started the blog sold it to someone else around 2008.

I was searching for an old blog post I wrote for them, and came up with the post below instead. I wish I’d copied and saved my old posts. I’ve only been able to find two. The one below, to which I’ve linked. And this one, which is a review I wrote for an all male site and didn’t get a byline. Yes, it’s porn. Sue me. I’m not running for office, I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi thinks of me, and I never will. Besides, I didn’t review the porn; just the actual web site itself, as you can see if you check out the link.

Other than these two, hundreds of posts I wrote are all gone. At least I think they are because they aren’t in the archives.

Best Date Ever – Best Gay Blogs
April 23, 2007 by admin

{mosimage}The word du jour these days in the publishing world seems to be “crossover” (we like to explain these things to bloggers; they are, after all, publishing some of the best work out there and getting little recognition for it). It means genres spilling into other genres that normally wouldn’t have mixed; Gay fiction that has the potential to “crossover” into the mainstream (example: Brokeback Mountain, and such)…science fiction with the possibility of crossing over into either mainstream or futuristic fantasy…stretching it a but further into chick lit, maybe? Ah, well, the blogging world hasn’t been left out of this either. This month an exciting new book was released by the long standing gay publisher, Alyson Publications (remember, back in the day, when they were on Plympton Street in Boston?), that not only includes a true short story titled, THE BLOGGER BOI, but also mentions Best Gay Blogs on the bio page of a brand new release titled, BEST DATE EVER.

And that’s because THE BLOGGER BOI was based on a true story, written by Best Gay Blogs staff member, Ryan Field. In fact, there is an entire section of the anthology dedicated to guys who’ve experienced the best dates of their lives thanks to the Internet, blogging and technology. But more than that, BEST DATE EVER was created and edited by author Lawrence Schimel, who is the award-winning author and anthologist of over 70 books, including Two Boys in Love, The Future is Queer, The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica, The Drag Queen of Elfland, Boy Meets Boy, and PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality which won a Lambda Literary Award.

So. Whether it’s a first date or a tenth, dinner in or dancing out, here is a new and fresh spin on the dating world, illustrating the time-honored tradition of romance that for once actually includes a fresh spin on the blogging world, too, and all the millions of gay men out there working so hard to produce wonderful, interesting, intelligent blogs. And, for all the faithful readers of these excellent blogs, this little book, BEST DATE EVER, might be an inspiration to start your own blog…just to see what might happen.