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Looking Over Old Stuff…Best Gay Blogs

I used to write and review for the web site, I started around 2004, and continued until the guys who started the blog sold it to someone else around 2008.

I was searching for an old blog post I wrote for them, and came up with the post below instead. I wish I’d copied and saved my old posts. I’ve only been able to find two. The one below, to which I’ve linked. And this one, which is a review I wrote for an all male site and didn’t get a byline. Yes, it’s porn. Sue me. I’m not running for office, I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi thinks of me, and I never will. Besides, I didn’t review the porn; just the actual web site itself, as you can see if you check out the link.

Other than these two, hundreds of posts I wrote are all gone. At least I think they are because they aren’t in the archives.

Best Date Ever – Best Gay Blogs
April 23, 2007 by admin

{mosimage}The word du jour these days in the publishing world seems to be “crossover” (we like to explain these things to bloggers; they are, after all, publishing some of the best work out there and getting little recognition for it). It means genres spilling into other genres that normally wouldn’t have mixed; Gay fiction that has the potential to “crossover” into the mainstream (example: Brokeback Mountain, and such)…science fiction with the possibility of crossing over into either mainstream or futuristic fantasy…stretching it a but further into chick lit, maybe? Ah, well, the blogging world hasn’t been left out of this either. This month an exciting new book was released by the long standing gay publisher, Alyson Publications (remember, back in the day, when they were on Plympton Street in Boston?), that not only includes a true short story titled, THE BLOGGER BOI, but also mentions Best Gay Blogs on the bio page of a brand new release titled, BEST DATE EVER.

And that’s because THE BLOGGER BOI was based on a true story, written by Best Gay Blogs staff member, Ryan Field. In fact, there is an entire section of the anthology dedicated to guys who’ve experienced the best dates of their lives thanks to the Internet, blogging and technology. But more than that, BEST DATE EVER was created and edited by author Lawrence Schimel, who is the award-winning author and anthologist of over 70 books, including Two Boys in Love, The Future is Queer, The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica, The Drag Queen of Elfland, Boy Meets Boy, and PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions about Gender and Sexuality which won a Lambda Literary Award.

So. Whether it’s a first date or a tenth, dinner in or dancing out, here is a new and fresh spin on the dating world, illustrating the time-honored tradition of romance that for once actually includes a fresh spin on the blogging world, too, and all the millions of gay men out there working so hard to produce wonderful, interesting, intelligent blogs. And, for all the faithful readers of these excellent blogs, this little book, BEST DATE EVER, might be an inspiration to start your own blog…just to see what might happen.

Best Date Ever…

One of my favorite books, and one I’ve had the privilege to be part of, is titled, BEST DATE EVER. It’s an anthology of short stories that celebrates chance meetings, romance and falling in love. It’s not highly erotic; just the opposite. But each short story is about a memorable, heartfelt date that ended as either a wonderful memory or as the beginning of a new relationship. And, they are all true stories based on real life experience. I know this for a fact, too.

I decided to blog about this book today, because besides being one of the books I love, it was also one of the most difficult books I ever tried to get into. I can clearly recall the day I submitted my story, titled, “The Blogger Boi,” to the editor, Lawrence Schimel. He’s a career anthologist; his work is noted for its literary quality. And I wanted to be a part of that because these opportunities don’t come around often.

I figured I wouldn’t hear anything back for a few weeks at least. But an hour later he e-mailed me about the submission with a few questions. He wanted to know, for sure, if the story was based on a real life experience. He must have checked that I write fiction, and wanted to be certain this story wasn’t fiction.

I assured him it was real, based on my own personal experience. And writing about anything in my life is something I rarely do. I typically write fiction only, with a few exceptions. Partly because I never thought my own life was interesting enough to write about, and partly because I prefer writing things that take me to different places. So I tried to convince him, through e-mails, that the story was based on a real life experience and we left it at that.

A couple of months later, he told me the story had been accepted but he was still curious about the real life aspect. And I was only too pleased to discuss it with him. I admired his tenacity and I liked the fact that I’d be part of an authentic book based on true stories.

I still like everything about this book, from the cover to the last short story. And I’m glad he took the time to question my motives. He could have just disregarded my submission and moved on to another story.