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Grindr Blamed For STDs; Chris Lowell on Gays in TV and Films; Tired Old Fat Kid Rock

Grindr Blamed For STDs

I’ll post about this first and then add a few comments at the end. I think those who follow me know how I’ll comment.

Sexual health “experts” in the UK are now blaming hook up app, Grindr, for a rise in STDs. What constitutes as an “expert” fails to be mentioned. Flaw number one…of many.

They list the statistics and then move on to say this:

Peter Greenhouse, of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, said: ‘You don’t have to be a genius to work out that these sorts of apps make having casual sex a damn sight easier. 

‘You can find, down to a metre or two, the nearest available person who is interested. This is something that just hasn’t been available before.’ 

‘Thanks to Grindr or Tinder, you can acquire chlamydia in five minutes.’ 

So people didn’t have casual sex before Grindr? They didn’t hang out in cruising spots or bars looking specifically for casual sex? And what happened to the concept of taking responsibility for your actions and deeds? Sex counts there, too. There are so many other flaws with this it’s not even worth mentioning them all. Except that if you do have casual sex, and you did hook up with someone from Grindr, don’t blame a hook up site for your own lack of responsibility. Blame yourself because that’s where the proverbial buck stops.

You can read the rest here.

Chris Lowell on Gays in TV and Films

I’ve posted about Chris Lowell before, with regard to his wonderful, fantastic film, Beside Still Waters. I like it so much I’ve seen it several times. What I liked most about it was the fact that the gay character wasn’t treated any differently than any other character. In fact, viewers don’t even know who the gay character is until it’s actually mentioned a good deal into the movie.

I’ve also posted about how actor Tuc Watkins feels about the stereotypical way gays are portrayed in films, and how he’s received such a huge response from his social media followers.

Now Chris Lowell is speaking up again on the topic of gay stereotypes and doing an excellent job at it.

‘I get very frustrated at how LGBTs are portrayed in movies and on television,’ Lowell tells Rage Monthly. ‘Often times, they’re just broad, foppish, loud caricatures.’

You can read more here, where they discuss Beside Still Waters. I hear a lot of backlash about this coming from certain directions and it bothers me mostly because the fact still remains that all gay men are different and yet we only see one type of gay man portrayed in films and on TV. What about the gay guy who comes home from working all day at his construction job, orders a pizza, and sits down at night to watch a football game on TV? Wow! Guess what? It could happen.

Tired Old Fat Kid Rock

I normally wouldn’t post anything quite this way unless I were trying to make a strong point. And that’s what I’m doing right now.

Fat, tired old Kid Rock recently went total douchebag in an article…about using the word gay as an insult. Because, you know, he’s not PC. The decrepit old fucker thinks that the genre that helped his talentless sagging ass gain fame and wealth is now an embarrassment.

 ‘Rap-rock was what people wanted at the time, and they still love those songs at shows,’ Kid Rock wrote, ‘But it turned into a lot of bullshit and it turned out to be pretty gay.’ 

‘If someone says you can’t say “gay” like that you tell them to go fuck themselves,’ he continued, ‘ You’re not going to get anything politically correct out of me.’

He’s not opposed to gay marriage, as long as he doesn’t have to marry gay couples…which makes no fucking sense at all. He claims to be a Republican who leans toward the center on some social issues, yet makes no strong statements there either. Frankly, it doesn’t sound as though he stands for anything at all…except he’s not, you know, PC.

I’m not PC either. It goes both ways…and if there’s nothing wrong with him using gay as an insult there’s nothing wrong with me calling the old fucker tired, old fat Kid Rock.

You can read the rest here, with a photo of old fat ass.  Don’t miss the comments on this one. Maybe he is trying to get attention to spike his career, but this time I think it should come with the risk of being referred to as Tired Old Fat Kid Rock…because you can’t get less PC than that.

Chase of a Dream

Amazon Review:

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5.0 out of 5 stars great book. August 16, 2012

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i really enjoyed this book. i would recommend this book and the 1st book in this series and i would suggest reading the 1st book for the backstory. the main characters are very likeable and so are the side characters. the ending made me cry
i will say no more. also a plus is the price of both books for 150 pages. highly recommended.