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Raf Simons’ Erect Penis Jacket; Snagging A Hot Gay Date; Anti-Gay Benham Brothers, Again

Raf Simons’ Erect Penis Jacket

Raf Simons, a designer I’ve always liked, has designed a jacket with an erect penis that brings new meaning to male full frontal nudity.

For his latest partnership—which debuted today at his spring 2017 show in Florence, Italy—Simons chose late American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, known for his raw, provocative photos, oftentimes focused on the nude male anatomy.

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that one of Simons’s new jackets has a stark, uncensored shot of an erect penis printed on the back:
You can check this out here, along with other provocative fashion attempts to expose the penis. 
I agree with the article, and I love posting things like this. I think it’s a form of artistic expression. 

Snagging A Hot Gay Date

Here are ten ways to snag a hot gay date through technology. Evidently, this is how everyone is meeting these days.

I think this one is especially important. I’m not a huge grammar police fan, but no one wants to hook up with an idiot.

6. No punctuation
Run on sentences are confusing to read it is hard to know where one thought ends and the next begins with no commas this is how creepy guys wrote personals ads in the 90’s

You can check the rest out here. 

Anti-Gay Benham Brothers, Again

These two ultra heteronormative brothers are making fists and headlines again for more comments they made about gays. This time they don’t hate us.

“Our hearts are just broken for the families and for the victims, those who were killed in the gay bar, the gay club in Orlando, Florida,” David Benham say in the video. “You know, this is going to be politicized on both sides. It’s ridiculous! No one should ever be targeted like this, this ISIS plot. And clearly they’re targeting homosexual people.”

There’s nothing wrong there. I even agree with them. The fact that they’re good looking men probably helps their cause…to a certain extent.

But then it devolves into “ugh” territory when they start talking about reforming us with Christian values. Actually, it’s not what I consider hateful, and it’s not supportive either. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and I saw it all over social media after the Orlando massacre. They don’t condone our being gay, but they don’t want to see us getting killed. It’s a true mixed message. The problem is that these radical “Christians” in the US don’t understand gay people at all. For one thing, there are actually gay Christians. And not all gay people go to pride events. Maybe the Benham brothers should start targeting law schools…or gay doctors in hospitals like my nephew and see how far they get with their rather unsophisticated approach.

You can read the rest here.


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