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Fakery in Trad Publishing Again? Alec Baldwin’s New Gay Slur

Fakery in Trad Publishing Again?

It’s becoming an ongoing deal to read something about a non-fic book picked up by a traditional publisher that turns out to be questionable at best, a complete lie at worst. It happened with James Frey, it happened with pen namer Margaret B. Jones, and to a certain extent it even happened with fiction Fifty Shades of Grey because it was never really disclosed on a grand scale that 50 Shades started out as fanfic of Twilight with a totally different title. Online book bloggers had to do it before the mainstream press even caught on to it. And to this day you can stun people by telling them this about 50 Shades. Now there’s another allegedly fake from Simon & Schuster written by Dylan Davies where his claims about what happened in Benghazi were allegedly inaccurate.

If you haven’t heard, all this broke when CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a piece about Davies and his account of the attacks turned out to be contradictory and questionable. 60 Minutes has since apologized. And now Davies is in hiding, Simon & Schuster canceled his upcoming book, and a lot of people are wondering what happened.

However, Davies issued a statement to S&S and he’s still standing by his story and I think it’s important to make that clear, especially after he received a threatening letter about his family.

 “Due to this threat I will not discuss the book with anyone under any circumstances for the foreseeable future, I am not prepared to put my family in danger. I stand by my story however I understand that it continues to be rubbished, which I expected.”

You can read more here where there are other links.

What I’m wondering is why S&S would even take on a book like this if they didn’t know for certain it was credible? But more important, if it is credible as Davies still states, why don’t they know this at S&S and why would they cancel publication?

Alec Baldwin’s New Gay Slur

I posted about Alec Baldwin using gay slurs last summer, here. And now he’s at it again.

In a video posted on TMZ, Alec Baldwin goes after two paparazzi he says are too close to his wife and child, calling one what sounds like “c**ksucking f*g.”

My question is this: why do we even care what Baldwin says, does, or thinks? I know it’s amusing to watch these public meltdowns and see Baldwin turn himself into a circus clown in a macabre way, but seriously, does anyone truly care anymore?

I’ve passed on at least three things with Baldwin’s name attached to them so far since his last tirade. The associations with his gay slurs make anything he acts in too disturbing to watch. And when you compare what the other creepy Baldwin brother does to gays it makes it even worse. These people are carrying the creep flag in one hand and the freak flag in the other.