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Ben Affleck Full Frontal Male Nudity; Actors Who’ve Done Male Full Frontal Nudity; Rick Owens’ Catwalk Full Frontal Nudity

Ben Affleck Full Frontal Male Nudity

I know it’s not important in the grand scheme, but sometimes things don’t have to be rocket science to make people curious about them. In this case I’m talking about the full frontal male nude scene with Ben Affleck in Gone Girl.

I saw the film about a month ago, loved every minute of it, and the full frontal nudity is the least of the film. I liked the movie so much I didn’t even care about Affleck’s penis once I was ten minutes into the story line. But frankly, I didn’t catch a glimpse of Ben’s penis and I felt a little cheated. So I had a few spare moments this weekend and looked it up…the scene in the movie, not Ben’s penis.

This is what I found:

8. You may be tempted to focus on the ass. You cannot. Instead, shift your attention to the furthest-left part of Affleck’s thighs. This is where it will appear. We are close now. Can you feel the anticipation? The moral rot? It is a great thing to feel these things communally at a movie theater.

9. Lo, it appears, in the bottom-middle of the frame, emerging briefly from behind Affleck’s thigh like Tom Cruise’s similarly curious dong in All the Right Moves! We have dick! We have the Affleck dick! Pop some Champagne! Kiss a baby! Tell Julie she’s going home alone tonight! WE DID IT, AND WE DID IT TOGETHER. (Did what? I don’t know.)

The rest is here. It’s actually very entertaining.

Actors Who’ve Done Male Full Frontal Nudity

In keeping with the full frontal male nude scene in Gone Girl, here’s a link to another article that lists 13 actors who have done full frontal nudity. It’s the most current I could find. You don’t see these things often because there isn’t that much male full frontal nudity out there. It’s an interesting subject in many ways. And I think it goes deeper than just the old double standard excuse. In other words, I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who was self-conscious about her vagina. At least I’ve never heard it discussed aloud. But I have met men who were so insecure about their penises it ruled their lives.

It seems that male nudity makes both women and men uncomfortable, but we barely bat an eyelash when we see naked women in films (or on TV). And it’s no wonder we’re desensitized to female nudity: it’s practically a regular occurrence on the big screen, while we rarely get a chance to squirm in our seats at the sight of an undressed man. 

I never looked at it that way…that we’re desensitized to female nudity. But I think my theory about penis insecurity is something to think about, too. 

You can read the rest here, and see who did full frontal. What’s really amazing is some of the films are older, like one Tom Cruise film. And Tom hasn’t shown his penis since then.

Rick Owens’ Catwalk Full Frontal Nudity

And here’s a piece about designer, Rick Owens, doing an unusual kind of male full frontal nudity with male models on a catwalk.  It’s a brand of peep hole fashion, with the peep holes in all the right places.

The front row may have been the worst place to be at Rick Owens’ Paris menswear show today.

The designer – who’s been dubbed #d***owens by Twitter wags – sent men down the catwalk out in loose hanging, draped smocks with one very particular detail – groin peepholes, treating fashion fans to the sight of model manhood in all its glory – as part of his autumn/winter 2015 show.
While for some of the gentlemen the outfits sat so low their modesty was protected, others weren’t so lucky and one chap wore a top which, due to the unfortunate crotch-level cropping, gave the world an X-rated eyeful.
I think this is the kind of male full frontal nudity that’s interesting in an artistic way. It’s not blatant, and yet it isn’t trying to pretend the penis doesn’t exist…like they do everywhere else.
Side note: Notice how emaciated the models are. That can’t be too good for you.

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Ben Affleck Male Full Frontal Nudity; "Offensive" Gay Porn; Hungarian Gay Sex Slaves Freed

Ben Affleck Male Full Frontal Nudity

I’ve been posting about male full frontal nudity in films for a while and I’ve always noticed the same double standard. They will do female full frontal, but very rarely will they do male full frontal. And when they do male ff, it’s always just a flash that most people don’t even notice. I’m not even going to get into some of the fake tricks they play to create the illusion you’re seeing male full frontal nudity.

I’ve even posted about the double standard on TV in Europe, but I’m too lazy to look for the link right now. The point is male full frontal nudity is still something of a novelty and the recent rush to see Ben Affleck in Gone Girl is proving me right.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m not getting too excited. This article points out that in order to actually see Affleck’s penis you have to really pay attention. Most people claim they missed it completely.

Some people (including Affleck himself!) think the Oscar winner’s dong makes a surprise appearance in the film, but some other people are like, “Wait, I didn’t see a penis, was there even any nudity, was Ben Affleck in this film, did I accidentally see The Boxtrolls instead?” Those people are nice people — maybe even your friends, family, or co-workers — but they are also wrong people. Ben Affleck’s penis is in Gone Girl, and I will make like Detective Boney and prove it to you by explaining exactly under what conditions it can be spotted. (Detective Boney is the name of a crucial character in Gone Girl. It is not another one of my bad dick jokes.)

You can read the rest here, where you will be guided, step by step, on how to actually spot the Affleck dick we’ve all heard so much about. It’s actually fairly amusing.

And, for those of you who haven’t had enough of Affleck’s dick yet, here’s another article where Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner, makes Ellen Degeneres weak.

Oh my! Jennifer Garner was so graphic when she spoke about husband Ben Affleck‘s full frontal nude scene in his new movie Gone Girl that she reduced talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to silence!

And, here’s a link to a youtube video joking around about Affleck’s dong. It’s all fun, though lame, and it glosses over the real topics of interest. One, why is there always this double standard in films, and two, why does it sound as if Ben Affleck’s penis is doing most of the film’s PR work?

The most unfortunate thing about all this is that Affleck’s dick is getting more attention than the film itself and I’ve heard good things about it (the film). Neil Patrick Harris is in the film, and it’s supposed to be one of the better book to film adaptations.

“Offensive” Gay Porn

In order to balance out the posting above about Ben Affleck’s penis, or lack of it, I thought I’d post this short piece about a news organization that mistakenly tweeted about “offensive” gay porn…too much full frontal this time. There seems to be an issue over which news organization did this on the comment thread, but the main message is loud and clear: the penis is considered wrong.

These kind of mishaps are actually quite common, and unfortunately, the ensuing apologies are always full of puritanical shame and disgrace. “Unfortunate,” “explicit,” “irrelevant,” maybe. But offensive? Offensive to whom?

You’d think a studio full of educated (?), well-written (?) journalists (?) would be able to come up with better language than that.

You can read the rest here. There is an image of the photo that was tweeted, but it’s blurred out to protect the innocent, which is expected.

Hungarian Gay Sex Slaves Freed

We read about these thing happening and yet we still find them hard to believe in this day and age…that something like this could still happen. And yet it does happen. These very young Hungarian men were lured to the US with promise of legal work and they wound up gay sex slaves.

When the victims arrived in America, police say they were forced to live in a tiny one-bedroom New York apartment that housed up to eight trafficked prostitutes. For up to 20 hours a day, the men were forced to have sex with clients and each other, sometimes on cam sites, for absolutely no pay.

Police say the men were threatened with violence and even death if they tried to escape, and while they were allowed to leave the apartment for limited times, they had no money, no ID documents, and could not speak English.
Basically, they were helpless. It’s really a horrible story. They talk about huge limos pulling up, and a makeshift car wash acting as the front. Then the article mentions how human trafficking can happen to any gender, but I can’t help thinking about how desperate those young men must have been to be forced into a situation like that. It really does show, once again, how helpless some young gay men really are. I don’t even want to think about the things they had to do to fat, clueless, closeted old men so they could survive. 

The Sheriff and the Outlaw: Glendora Hill
by Ryan Field