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Ben Affleck’s Full Frontal Penis gif; Gay Moments In Comics; Guilty Plea In Transphobic Murder; Gay Best Friend Mean Girl Bitches

Ben Affleck’s Full Frontal Penis gif

Remember when that Ben Affleck film came out and it was being promoted heavily by announcing he’d done full frontal male nudity? Well now there’s a gif.

You can check that out here. It’s NSFW, it’s not really news, and I’m not posting it here. But in case you’re interested.

Gay Moments In Comics

Without even realizing it, there have been a few gay moments in comic book history.

Whether it’s slang from a bygone era that reads differently today, those moments Batman and Robin made us say “Hmmmm,” or that time Captain America and Bucky worked it in drag, there are plenty of moments throughout comic book history that are hysterical when viewed through a modern queer lens.

You can check them out at this link.

 Guilty Plea In Transphobic Murder

I missed reading about this one when it happened. A nice-looking young guy named William Lound was murdered in his dorm and they’re calling it a transphobic murder.

Now, a man named Lee Arnold, who’s already in custody, has admitted to stabbing Lound and is pleading guilty to the crime.

 According to Pink News, Greater Manchester Police say there’s still no clear motive for the killing, but they’re treating it as a transphobic hate crime since Lound used to “dress up in women’s clothes.”

You can read the entire story, here. It’s a sad story that gets even sadder at the end.

Gay Best Friend Mean Girl Bitches

Unfortunately, this does happen. I’ve seen it myself. There’s always one…or two.  

We’ve already covered the scenario of realizing your friends are a soul-sucking pack of mean gays, but here’s an every-so-slight variation: when your friends are actually gay bitches.

Look, we’ve been there — it’s nice to get invited to the party. But sometimes you show up to the party and the general chatter makes you want to vomit even more than the flavored vodka in the freezer.

You can watch the video here.

But in all fairness, I’ve seen it happen with straight men and women, too. So this isn’t just limited to gays…or West Hollywood.


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