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Ben Affleck Slams Tabloids; Bryan Silva’s Gay Porn; Cher Sued for Racism; Melissa Rivers Does Tribute to Joan

Ben Affleck Slams Tabloids

The entire link to this part of the post talks about a new film Ben Affleck is in called, “Gone Girl.” The premise sounds interesting and you can read more about that with the link I’m posting below. But part of the article discusses how he feels about the tabloids. And frankly, I’m glad he’s bringing the topic up. Nowadays writers are dealing with this same type of thing on a much smaller scale, especially genre authors. There are a few web sites that are notorious for exaggerating the truth, fabricating lies, and publishing sensationalized fiction about publishers and authors and they get a way with it just as the tabloids get away with the lies they print about celebrities. One shabby blogger who claims to be an attorney doesn’t even publish his own content. He copies and pastes content from other bloggers and simply links. He gets hundreds of comments and I’m not even sure why or how he gets them.

Affleck said this:

“See, that’s tabloid shit. That’s all bullshit,” Affleck protested. “They completely lie. I mean, I can show you 10 articles of Star and OK! — those magazines feel totally comfortable absolutely fictionalizing every single element of the story. And there’s nothing you can do about that. My only hope is that people with any common sense recognize that those stories are false. And, I don’t know, there’re worse stories …”

He’s absolutely right, and I do think people know most of the content in these tabloids are outright lies…or highly exaggerated truths. But I often wonder if readers and other new authors know that gossip web sites like Absolutewrite and a few others I won’t mention at this point are basically on the same level, and as unprofessional, as a sleazy tabloid.

In any event, you can read more here. It always seems as if Affleck has taken more than his share of hits and I’ve never understood why. I’ve gained a new respect for him recently. He dated Jennifer Lopez years ago. Big deal. He’s moved on with his life, started a family, and done some of the finest films produced in years.

Bryan Silva’s Gay Porn

If you’re not sure who Bryan Silva is you’re not alone. He found fame on Vine, through a series of Vine posts I’m not even sure I understand. He’s actually become fairly famous for doing pretty much nothing at all. He even did a gay porn film he seems to take fairly lightly. But he is gifted in one respect. You’ll have to use your imagination with that one, and I did post a link to his twitter page below with a visual of his biggest gift, so to speak.

He’s managed to extend his 15 minutes because at one point, he filmed hardcore gay porn for Next Door Studios under the name Max Payne. He tells Tosh in the interview below that performing in gay porn was actually “lame,” and that he’s (still) not with “that fufu lame shit.”
Silva also explains his clearance for using the N-word, his chest tattoo, and where the famous “gratata” noise comes from. At around the 6:45 mark, he starts dancing (or having a seizure?).
You can read more here, or at the link above. I think it’s interesting from a pop culture POV. This summer watching Big Brother 16 several of the house guests were said to be “Youtube Stars.” I guess that’s kind of like a Davey Wavey? I guess it’s possible for anyone to get that proverbial 15 minutes now…on youtube, vine, or wherever.
But will it last? Here’s his tumblr. Here’s his twitter page, which has photos that will show why he’s become so famous. This one is NSFW.
Cher Sued for Racism

I think the thing that bothers me the most about this next link is that it tries to play down this story about Cher getting sued, in a highly subjective way.  And while I do believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty, I don’t believe in commenting on the actual lawsuit when it comes to pieces like this. It’s not fair to either party. It’s almost the exact opposite of what Ben Affleck has experienced, but just as bad.

In short, gay icon, Cher, is being sued by a former choreographer for alleged racial discrimination.

Plaintiff Kevin Wilson, who is black, alleged in court papers that Cher told him “we have too much color onstage” after he advised her to cast “a minority female dancer.”
He also claims that Cher instructed him to instead find a white, blonde dancer, and “not to cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour.”
Cher’s rep denies all allegations. But it gets even more complicated with allegations about Cher covering up a sexual assault incident.
The article I’m linking to right now refers to the actual lawsuit as “absurd” and “obviously erroneous,” which is in poor taste on their part. The thing that bothers me even more is that when it comes to Cher it’s absurd, but when it comes to Paula Deen or anyone else it has to be true.
You can read the entire piece here, where they do everything short of crowning Cher Queen of the Gays and Rainbows.
And, if you’re interested in the facts without subjective comments, you can read this piece at
While the complaint alleges racial discrimination by Cher, accusing her of hiring a white, blonde dancer over a more qualified African American, the lawsuit centers on California’s whistleblower law that protects employees who are fired for reporting illegal activity.
“Cher was personally involved in the coverup of a sexual assault against a female fan by one of her other male dancers while on Cher’s Dressed to Kill tour,” the suit said.
The alleged sex assault happened in a St. Louis hotel on June 3, after a show on the tour, the lawsuit said.
 Melissa Rivers Does Tribute to Joan
On a more positive note, Melissa Rivers will be doing a Fashion Police tribute to her mother, Joan Rivers, who recently passed away during an endoscopic procedure at a Manhattan clinic. I think Rivers’ fans are still in shock and I’m glad they’re doing this quickly.  
The producer of the E! show will present a 90-minute edition of the show honoring the late comedian, who presented the show since 2010.
Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos will also be there to remember Rivers and her legacy.
You can read more here. I didn’t see an actual air date, but I think it’s today…Friday.  The tribute show will air during an all day marathon of Fashion Police shows. I actually never watched much Fashion Police, but I think I’ll tune in with DVR on this one to see how they handle it.

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