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Vote For Trevor Donovan #INSIDEOUT4TV; Gay Adult Performer Shot In New Orleans; Being Gay In the Military Memes

Vote For Trevor Donovan

This is interesting because so many things seem to be happening online nowadays, and public interaction has never been more part of the process. I know as an author the interaction with readers is amazing compared to ten years ago, especially in a genre as discreet at erotic gay romance. And discretion/privacy is a huge part of the process. I also remember the fan reaction to Matt Bomer not getting the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey was astounding. So this concept of fans suggesting who they prefer to play a certain role in a film might be a new trend.

This happened yesterday and I’m not sure it’s still going on, but I’m posting about it anyway because I liked the way Lisa Renee Jones did it. I think we used to have the same agent…Lori Perkins…but I’m not certain. I work with Perkins now writing books for  

There’s a new book to movie adaptation coming out based on books by Lisa Renee Jones. 
In order to make casting more interesting so fans can get involved, the producers are having this contest on social media and three actors are up for one part. Trevor Donovan is one of the actors and you can vote for him on Facebook and on Twitter. I know I slanted that on purpose but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a celebrity interact more with his friends and followers on social media than Donovan. 

There’s also a link to Jones’ web page where I think you can win money, too. I didn’t look at that part very closely, but it’s worth checking out, and her web site is very well organized.

Here’s the link to the facebook page where you can vote in the comment section.

Here’s the link to Jones’ web site.

And if you’re on twitter you can simply vote for Trevor Donovan by writing his name in a tweet and using the hashtag    so the producers will see it.

It reminds me that I have to start getting ready for a contest with a signed paperback book giveaway for A Christmas Carl, which I’ll probably do either this weekend or early next week. I’m going to keep it very simple.

Gay Adult Performer Shot In New Orleans

The saga of really bad luck with gay adult performers seems to continue making news these days.

Following a reported “argument with a friend,” former gay adult film performer Bo Dean (real name Michael) was shot in the chest last month in New Orleans and has subsequently become paralyzed from the waist down.

GoFundMe campaign has been mounted by a woman named Melanie who writes Dean is her “dear friend, best friend… whom I love and cherish.”

Dean is still in recovery at the University Medical Center, where he was sent after the shooting on Nov. 28.

The bullet damaged his spinal cord, causing paralysis from the waist down.

You can read more of this very sad story here.

Being Gay In the Military Memes

This article is highly politically slanted and I apologize for that ahead of time. I don’t like to read anyone’s opinion in a news article unless it’s an op-ed piece but unfortunately gay presses don’t operate that way.  I would prefer objective material so I can form my own opinions based on the information given to me.

In any event, here are a series of memes that talk about how gays feel in the military. I love these things because they give us a feeling of having real inside information, and people still have their privacy.

I’ve always been afraid to tell people I’m gay but everyone has been supportive and says I’m still me. Even the guys in my platoon don’t care. It’s a really good feeling.

You can read more here, and the comments are, well, interesting.

I still don’t understand why the author of this article needed to put such a strong political slant on it. It’s a very positive piece and I think it shows how much we’ve moved forward…and how we are, indeed, assimilating whether we like it or not.

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