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Cyber Monday Sale At All Romance E-books; Being Gay and Asexual; Shirtless French Farmers and More

Cyber Monday Sale At All Romance E-books

They’re having a Cyber Monday sale over at All Romance E-books on November 28, 2016, and all of my books with Riverdale Ave Books will be included. In fact, all of my books are on sale. I just checked. 

From my inbox…

Readers can access purchases via, the ARe Android App, or the ARe iTunes App

Check them out for more details. 

If you’ve never shopped for e-books at All Romance, please check them out just for the sake of something new. It’s always been one of my favorite places for e-books.

Being Gay and Asexual

I have to admit that this one slightly stumps me. I’ve always thought a person was either gay or asexual, but not both. Evidently, this article I’m linking to challenges that.

I do believe that asexual falls under the umbrella of LGBT. I just don’t totally understand the concept of being gay and asexual. I understand them individually, of course. And there’s not much info out there.

In any event, this article is one of those meme things where people talk about being gay and asexual. Here’s one that does clarify things a little better, at least for me it does:

I’m basically a gay asexual. I am sexually attracted by a man’s body but that’s it. Not his part…

Unfortunately, the comments will not help much with this topic. They’re very rude and the jokes are not very funny. 

You can check the memes out here. And here’s a link to a forum where they discuss being gay and asexual. 

If you are gay and asexual, good for you. It doesn’t really matter if anyone (including me) understands it or not. It only matters that you understand it.

Shirtless French Farmers and More

Because sometimes you just need something lighter and not so serious…

In this 2017 calendar, photographer Fred Goudon sets his lingering lens on some stunningly handsome French farmers. Purchase it here.

You can check out a few more interesting things here, including a trailer for the upcoming NBC play, Hairspray Live…which I believe airs very soon in December.  


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