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Orlando Shooter and Alleged Gay Lover; How To Be A Good Gay Top; The Happy Gay Bottom

Orlando Shooter and Alleged Gay Lover

They’re calling this a “twist” in the case of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen.

 The FBI has found no evidence that the gunman who left 49 people dead in an Orlando nightclub had gay lovers or used gay dating apps, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The men who have made claims they were lovers of Omar Mateen are still being investigated, however, none have been credible…so far.

How To Be A Good Gay Top

Here’s one of those articles about relationships from gaylife that tend to be mostly accurate…at least from what I’ve seen.

Topping takes strategy, a way to execute that plan, and a lot of patience. The strategy I’m referring to is the bottom’s pleasure. A good top knows that focusing on their partner’s desires can reap pleasurable rewards for both people.

Pay attention to this, and please read the rest of the suggestions if you are a top man. These things do make a difference.

You can read the rest here.  And, there’s a lot of other valuable info within this article.

The Happy Gay Bottom

I post these things every once in a while because I get e-mails from younger gay men who are inexperienced and curious about anal sex. I think this kind of information makes it easier for them to understand the basics. 

You should never feel pressured into having anal sex if it is something you’re not comfortable with.

But, by knowing more about anal sex you can avoid making your choice about it on the basis of fearing the unknown. Many men who overcome this fear discover that anal sex becomes an important and enjoyable part of their sex lives. If you’re one of those guys, or want to be one of those guys, here are some helpful tips and advice that may help you have a vastly better anal sexual experience.
Whether you’re a top or a bottom, you should read this. It will make a difference. When I was just starting out you couldn’t even pay to get information like this. You learned everything the hard way…usually biting a pillow. Now you have it for free.

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