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Phineas Swann-Our Vermont Wedding; 12 Year Old Boy in Utah Fights for Marriage

Phineas Swann-Our  Vermont Wedding

In December, Tony and I got engaged and we celebrated with a few very close friends and kept it very small and quiet. But we did make plans for a wedding later this month, at one of the first Inns in Vermont where gay weddings started taking place from what I gather. We did this for several reasons. One, we’ve been to a lot of places but never to Vermont. In fact, it’s the only state in New England we’ve never set foot in and we’ve both always wanted to go. Two, we did consciously choose this place for the historical significance and because it’s in Vermont. And that’s not something we do often. But in this case, and because we’re keeping it small, we both wanted to do something special. After all, it’s been a twenty-one year engagement and we still won’t be legally married when we return to our own home state after the wedding…Pennsylvania.

We could have gone to New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, or even New York. But this place sounded so nice. And the owners are just wonderful.

I still don’t have the exact dates, but it will be at the end of this month. I spoke with the owner of Phineas Swann today and explained we’ve been dealing with family issues and she was more than willing to work with us…and around our dates. This place is also very pet friendly, and both our dogs will be coming with us.

In any event, here’s some info about Phineas Swann. There’s a photo of another gay couple at the bottom. This is the page dedicated to wedding information:

The Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn is the perfect place to celebrate your intimate Vermont wedding – we specialize in elopement packages and small to medium size weddings of up to 75 guests. Intimate weddings for both straight and gay couples are our specialty!

At the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn, we believe your Vermont wedding should reflect your personal style, so we offer several choices for your wedding event. Call our wedding coordinator Lynne at (802) 326-4306 and learn more!

I will definitely be posting more, and with photos.

12 Year Old Boy in Utah Fights for Marriage

I’ve been following what’s been happening in Utah with gay marriage and posting about it here. There’s a page full of posts with links. And now there’s news of a 12 year old boy in Utah who is out there actively supporting, and fighting for, the rights of his two moms.

“I’m here today to talk about love, family and equal rights,” Hackford-Peer told the cheering crowd. “Some people do not believe that I’m from a loving family because my moms are gay — they are wrong. I love my moms, and my moms love me and my brother, unconditionally.”

I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling as if I’ve been gutted when I read things like this. On the one hand I think this kid is spectacular, and on the other it kills me to see him even having to do something like this. To defend what most people just take for granted is painful to see.

You can read more here.