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New Orleans Gay Easter Parade; BBC Compares Gay to Christ; Gay Easter Atlanta: Priest Banned in Austria

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do this weekend because we are hosting about fifteen people on Sunday for Easter, but I did want to put up some things that I thought looked interesting for (or about) Easter Weekend…one of which is the Gay Easter Parade in New Orleans.

Gay Easter Parade presents the “4th annual Bunnies in The Big Easy: Put the Good Back in Friday,” March 29, 7-10pm. This year the party will be hosted at Bourbon Vieux, 501 Bourbon Street. Advance tickets are $35, and only 100 tickets will be sold. Call Tony Leggio 504.252.5476, or Rip Naquin 504.522.8049.

It’s an evening with a hot spinning DJ, special performances, hot Bunny Boys, incredible live auctions, plus complimentary award winning cuisine, vodka cocktails, wine & beer bar, non-alcoholic beverages.
Don’t get me wrong, I love hosting holiday events. But this parade looks like a lot more fun at this point in my life. You can read more here at the official web site.
Controversial BBC Easter Message
The BBC is in a firestorm right now because of an Easter message about gays, in which the treatment of gays is compared to the Crucifixion. I just saw this late last night and don’t know much about it.
Benjamin Cohen, the founder of a the gay publisher PinkNews, will tell Radio 4 listeners in a talk to be broadcast this week that, just like homosexual people, Jesus was punished “for something he couldn’t help”.
He will directly compare the sense of “abandonment” felt by people who come out as gay to being on a cross and speaks about how much gay men have in common with Jesus.

You can read more here. I have no comment. A lot of minority groups have been persecuted over the years, not just gays. If you look back in time, there’s a distinct pattern. The ironic thing is that a lot of this originated through organized religion. I’m not talking about faith and spirituality. There’s a difference. I’m talking about organized religion, where people make the rules based on what they think is right, not what they know to be fact.

Gay Easter in Atlanta

Project Q in Atlanta has a list of interesting gay things to do if you are in or around Atlanta this weekend. I lived in Spartanburg SC for six months when I did grad work down south, and I used to drive to Atlanta all the time. It’s a great city, with tons to do, and everything’s so Peachtree Road.

Just as the weather finally starts to show it, happy Easter/Passover weekend! Even if you don’t acknowledge those holigays, there are plenty of events to squeeze into your gay agenda. Here are our favorite LGBT shows, parties and fundraisers for Friday through Sunday.

Here’s a link to read the entire list of events. If you’re not thrilled with anything on that list, check out Tanglewood Farm: The Town of Miniature Farm Animals. Personally, I loved it there.

Austrian Priest Banned from Easter for Gay Hate Speech

This was something I didn’t see or hear about anywhere this week. Frankly, it’s not something I see often either. Evidently, a priest in Austria has been banned and made to retire because of hate speech regarding gays and Muslims.

The move comes after the 75 year-old priest, Karl Tropper, has been repeatedly warned to desist from inciting hate against gays and Muslims.

Last week he called gay people ‘homo-deranged’, he has also described Islam as ‘pure racism’.

It’s nice to see other parts of the world taking the issue of hate speech seriously. Hate is hate, and it comes in all forms. I believe in freedom of speech, but do it on your own time.

You can check out this link here, at Gay Star News. I’d also like to add that while the Catholic Church has strong negative opinions about gays, most of the straight Catholics I know don’t agree with the Church’s opinions on gays.