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Vatican Buys Large Gay Suana; Philadelphia Archdiocese Sponsors Anti Gay Event

I’m not making this up; the Vatican did buy a large chunk of property in Rome for 30 million and one of the businesses is a gay sauna. I won’t get snarky here. I would love to, but I’m sticking to facts now.

According to Bathhouse Blog:

The hope is to house several Catholic priests.

You can read more here, where you will find an additional link. Be interesting to see how long the sauna lasts now with these new landlords.

Philadelphia Archdiocese Sponsors Anti Gay Event

The antigay National Organization for Marriage is mobilizing supporters to head to the nation’s capital to demonstrate against marriage equality the day of the historic U.S. Supreme Court hearings on Proposition 8 — an effort that has garnered support from local Catholic groups.

Read more: PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News. Phila gay news. philly news – Philly only archdiocese in nation to sponsor antigay D C event

 If you are interested in seeing marriage equality happen in your lifetime and you are interested in fighting discrimination I would highly recommending reading this article in full. I happen to live in the Diocese of Philadelphia and it states they are running buses from Bucks County for ten dollars. As a former Catholic, I have no regrets about leaving Catholicism when I read things like this.

These good decent faithfuls are planning a march to the Supreme Court with a rally at the National Mall where they will stand up and fight for “traditional” marriage because they don’t think gay couples like Tony and me should be allowed to marry, not even after twenty years of together living as any other married straight couple.

What I find interesting is they know nothing about gay people or gay relationships and yet they can still be so presumptuous at the same time.

What I find even more interesting is that there are, indeed, plenty of Catholics who don’t feel this way and who do support same sex marriage, including priests, and yet we never hear from them.  


Artistic Photos With Gay Bathhouse Images Shut Down

I often link the The Bathhouse blog because whoever is writing this blog seems to pick up interesting news and information all the time. A lot of this info is related to bathhouses, but not always. Sometimes it’s political, sometimes social, and sometimes it deals with the arts. I can say this: I’m never bored with anything I read there, and whatever I do read there is smart, well executed, and teaches me something I didn’t already know.

Recently, an art exhibit was censored in India because it allegedly had images of men in bathhouses. You can read more about it here. There are other links on the post where you can see the actual images that were censored. I don’t think there is one with full frontal nudity. But I could be wrong about that.

And, for fun, you might want to check out this post about Bathhouse Bait. I’ve posted about gay bathhouses before more than once. I’ve written scenes with gay bathhouses in a few of my novels. It’s a large part of gay culture and always has been. To ignore it, even in romance, would be selling gay men short, if not insulting to them.

Award For Bathhouse Outreach Worker: John Steven Cummins

As far as blogs go is surprising because there’s always something smart and relevant, and I usually wind up finding out something I didn’t know after I’ve read one of their posts. I have no idea who is writing this blog, but whoever it is deserves credit for doing it right. In all the years I’ve been reading information about the LGBT community online, through blogs and web sites, this one is in my own personal top ten for excellence in awareness.

The post I’m linking to now is about a young med student, John Steven Cummins, who just won an award:

“…for founding MizzouMed Pride, a group which promotes and raises awareness LGBTQ health issues.”

I’ve written and posted about this before several times. The health problems facing the LGBT community range from elderly issues to youths who can’t afford health insurance. And let’s not forget about how expensive HIV meds (ARVs) are and all those who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars a month. The numbers are alarming.

To read more, follow this link to the post at Bathhouseblog, where other links will lead you to places to learn more about what John Steven Cummins is actually doing and about the award he won.

Bathhouse Blog: Ad Allegedly Being Censored?

This is interesting to me because I face censorship all the time. It’s mostly in small ways, and from those who are way to PC. But it’s still censorship, even if their hearts are in the right places. I’ve learned to choose my battles with care. Ranting makes you feel better for a short time but doesn’t solve anything in the long run.

I’m honestly not exactly certain what this means, with regard to the shirtless guy in the ad. I once owned a small chain of tanning salons, before we knew all there was to know about indoor tanning, and my ads were censored from more than one business establishment. The ads were nothing more than attractive women in bathing suits, standard industry photos you’d find in any drugstore where tanning products are sold. Nothing more than you’d see on any beach in America. But certain business owners…those who claimed they were “family” oriented…thought the women in the photos were too risque. Go figure.

Here’s the link to Bathhouse Blog.