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New Adult Fiction: The Computer Tutor

I don’t have a cover yet. If I did, I’d share it. But I posted the generic photo above because there is a basket full of Christmas puppies in this novella. I had to add the puppies to balance all the sex in the book. There’s enough to make a certain book reviewer shudder and cross her legs again. You can read more about that below in the blurb.

But I did just get the edits for this new Christmas Novella, THE COMPUTER TUTOR.

I will continue to post about it as I go through the long editing process. Something of interest might be that I’m calling this New Adult Erotic Fiction. I’m growing fond of New Adult fiction across the board, and I’m going to be writing more of it myself in the future. I’ll also be working well into the night many nights in the upcoming week on this novella so this story will be out by December.

I’d like to see THE COMPUTER TUTOR out by Thanksgiving weekend. But I can’t promise that. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into putting out a novella like this and it also involves a great deal of collaboration.

And I love my editors at, Janet and Dalia, and I’d rather they take their time and do what they have to do to help me get this book out as a quality e-book.

For the first time in young Drew’s life, he can’t wait to go home for the holidays as an adult instead of a college kid. He’s just started a new job, working as a veterinarian at a 24 hour emergency care clinic. But his boss at the animal clinic tells him he has to work Christmas Eve and a good part of Christmas Day because the other ER vet broke her leg. Then it starts to snow on Christmas Eve and Drew’s assistant asks if she can go home to set up gifts for her children, leaving him all alone in the clinic with two older dogs who are recuperating from surgery. Drew is bored out of his mind, feeling sorry for himself because he’s all alone on Christmas. But it all changes fast when a handsome young man with black hair storms into the clinic with a basket full of newborn puppies in his arms and he begs Drew to save the mother’s life.