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Pam Bondi and Anderson Cooper; Hot Sexy Jeremy Meeks Returns; Bar Sign Supporting Orlando Gets Slammed; All Romance E-books Sale On June 20th Fangsters

Pam Bondi and Anderson Cooper

If you don’t know who Pam Bondi is, this should help you out.

 Pam Bondi seems hellbent on convincing the world that she is, in fact, a “champion of the gay community,” even though her record suggests the exact opposite. Sorry, gurl, the Pulse nightclub massacre does not erase your past. In fact, it is more relevant than ever.

The Florida Attorney General has been at war with Anderson Cooper all week after he questioned her claims of being an LGBTQ ally in the wake of the shooting when she once argued that gay marriage would “impose significant public harm.”

You can read the rest here.

No comment. It gets political. I don’t.

Hot Sexy Jeremy Meeks Returns

Jeremy Meeks was once dubbed the “hot felon” for obvious reasons. All it takes is one photo of him to see why. You just have to trust me.

Even though this particular article is about as poorly written and as sickening as it gets, Jeremy Meeks is back on instagram with even hotter photos than before.

In 2014, the Californian’s chiseled mug (by way of the above mugshot) went viral after Meeks was arrested on felony weapons charges. He capitalized on that fame by signing with a modeling agency, and now he’s moved from prison to a halfway house to house arrest. We imagine he’ll soon be transported to a catwalk in Milan.

You can read more about that here.

Bar Sign Supporting Orlando Gets Slammed

Here’s the sign in question:

“If the sight of two dudes holding hands bothers you then get your coffee elsewhere! #WeAreOrlando!”

One of the regular customers got insulted by this sign and he left a note. He believes the owners are promoting homosexuality and it’s not good for the children…he left a note with bible verses.

Here’s part of the mean note…

I simply can not agree with your blatant promotion of what is immoral and against God.
“Children could walk past that sign and you could have a negative influence on decisions they choose to make in life.

“I also think you’ll find your coffee shop will become much more popular with the majority of residents in Wolverton, who are also members of local Christian churches.

Again, the Christians, as if he speaks for all Christians. And,even worse, he thinks being gay is a choice. 

You can read it in full here. I highly suggest that you do read it. This is what we’re up against every single day of our lives with people who simply just do not know any better.

All Romance E-books Sale On June 20th Fangsters

A friend of mine was kind enough to put together a fantastic banner for me that I LOVE, however, I can’t use it because it says all Ryan Field Books are on sale today at ARe, and that’s not the case. I didn’t realize it until just now. The books on sale are Fangsters 1 and Fangsters 2, both with my publisher, Riverdale Ave. Books.

And here are the links.