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Naked Male Celebrities

Cyberspace and bloggers often encounter one another eventually, and I think I once did a review of this web site owned by Alan Ilagan about 10 or 12  years ago (maybe longer) when I was working on staff for reviewing gay bloggers and writing short stories for Alyson Publications.

We lost touch, but it’s nice to see he’s continued, and his web site looks wonderful. Unfortunately, most personal bloggers I knew back then have shuttered, including the original concept.

He is probably the ant-thesis of what I find hunky – too young, too blonde, too bland – but somewhere there’s a market for the Hunk of the Day Cody Simpson. Teenage girls strike me as the target audience, but as Mr. Simpson grows up, I’m guessing he’ll gain a few more admirers. In the meantime, here’s for that early crop of infatuated lasses and lads. (He gets bonus points for exposing his bare ass in an online moment that he didn’t quite snatch back soon enough. The indiscretions of youth.)

This part of the blog is called naked male celebrities and the photos are more artistic than pornographic. I would say it’s SFW, but don’t quote me on that. Most are done with very good taste, at least I think they are.

You can get there from here.

Banana Blog Full Frontal Nudity

Here’s another web site I’ve talked about before…a while back…that posts a few things about male full frontal nudity in mainstream/indie films.

Ok, I bet you guys thought I forgot! ha. Here is another collection of male celeb full frontal scenes in mainstream movies. Unfortunately, much like the part 1 full frontal post, I don’t have the movie title for each scene. However, the comments section is always open so if anyone knows the actual title of any of the scenes, please post it 🙂

You’ll also see a photos of this:

Rapper, “The Game” recently proved he has a big cock. But that’s already made headlines. We just also want to point out for no good reason, his cock is also THICKER than Chris Brown’s dick. Just sayin’. lol

Here’s the link. I’m not sure whether or not this stuff is SFW, and that might depend on where you work.  I keep this blog rated G and I wouldn’t post them here even with permission. So you’ve been warned and should probably proceed with caution.

The site is simple to navigate and I didn’t see any of those offensive pop ups.

 Chris Pratt’s Perfect Private Parts

This link is about Chris Pratt’s perfect private parts, according to his wife.

Have you seen my husband’s balls? You would remember, because they are some sexy balls. They’re perfect. They’re incredible.”

Not every wife is willing to say something like that, in print. I bet most of your moms never said that about your dads. But then again, not every wife can say something like that. Perfect is a strong word for anything.

 You can check this out here. 

This one is SFW. She’s only telling you about her husband’s balls, not showing them.

But frankly, I’m glad she used the word balls. I see the word testicles used a lot in erotic romance or erotica and I find that unusual. Who says testicles in real life? Unless you’re a doctor you say balls, or nuts, or gonads. Or any other common usage. You don’t say testicles, and I find it really annoying in fiction when I see it. But that’s a completely different post for the future.