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Candis Cayne on "Tranny;" Eric Holder on Boy Scouts; Rugby Player Banned

Candis Cayne on “Tranny”

Another performer associated with RuPaul’s Drag Race who is hocking a movie has come out publicly in support of the word “Tranny.” Candis Cayne doesn’t think there’s anything transphobic about that word and she believes that only a few people don’t like certain words.

“There’s no transphobic anything [on Drag Race],” the actress stated flatly during a recent telephone interview promoting her new film Crazy Bitches, which debuts June 26 at San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival. In fact, rather than towing the trans-party line, Cayne seemed frustrated by those lobbing the accusations.

“There’s a group of people who don’t like certain words,” said Cayne, who plays one of seven sorority sisters systematically murdered in the upcoming indie horror flick. “And now everyone has to change their lives around it.”

There’s an interesting comment at the beginning of this article that states Candis Cayne seems to think she’s the unofficial spokesperson for “all things trans.” I know many who would disagree with that. As far as I know there are no spokespeople, officially or unofficially, for any part of the LGBTI community. I know one thing for certain NO ONE speaks for me. I can do that on my own, thank you.

Cayne is also hocking a movie titled, Crazy Bitches. I wonder how the feminist community feels about the word “bitches.” Notice how no one even mentions that in the article.

Here are a few previous posts I’ve written about the “tranny” word in case you haven’t been following this debate. It doesn’t seem to want to go away, and there are obvious reasons for that.

You can read more here. Personally, I don’t use the word. And I never did use it, not even before the debate started. I think all words are important and the odds are I wouldn’t be hanging around people who do use it. And I’m far from being an activist. (Unfortunately, Cayne doesn’t seem to understand that without activists there wouldn’t even be a RuPaul’s Drag Race.)

The most important part of this article is that Cayne seems to flip flop on the topic. She doesn’t use the word herself, but doesn’t see anything wrong with using the word. It’s actually hard to figure out WTF she’s saying.

Eric Holder on Boy Scouts

Speaking of bad stereotypes, Attorney General Eric Holder openly stated that he thinks the Boy Scout ban on gay adult leaders promotes the worst gay stereotypes.

“It’s a relic of an age of prejudice and insufficient understanding,” the attorney general said Tuesday evening to Lambda Legal, an advocacy group for LGBT rights.

Referring to the group’s work a decade ago to challenge the termination of a gay assistant scoutmaster, Holder said that “too many organizations, policies and practices that discriminate against LGBT individuals remain persistent concerns.”

Unlike the vapid comments from Candis Cayne, Holder’s comments not only ring true, but they help give more credibility and relevance to what’s been happening with the Boy Scouts and how they’ve been treating the LGBTI community. He made these comments to Lambda Legal, advocates of gay rights.

You can read more about this here in USA Today. This time it made mainstream headlines.

Rugby Player Banned

A rugby player, Zak Hardaker, was banned for calling another player a “fucking faggot.” He was banned for obvious reasons listed in the article, including ‘verbal abuse based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, national or ethnic origin.’ However, he seems to think he was the one being abused and he tweeted this:

‘Thankyou everyone for ur support, 5 games it is,’ Hardaker tweeted. ‘You live and learn and that’s life, so I’ll just make sure I come out better for it.’

What’s most interesting here is that he claims he’s not homophobic.  His coach even defended him, mentioning the ways they support gays in this rugby club, and how remorseful Hardaker is. They don’t think of this as homophobia. The phrase “fucking faggot” is just offensive language to them.

Which actually brings me right back to the tranny word, which I’m sure is just as offensive to transgender people as the phrase “fucking faggot” is to almost all LGBTI people.

You can read more about Hardaker here. I actually don’t think he’s homophobic, not in a literal hateful sense. I just don’t think he knows any better and I hope he does come out better for it. His coach sounds like a lost cause.

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