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Women and Penis Size, Again; Fifty Shades Darker and Jamie Dornan Full Frontal Male Nudity; "Bake Off" and the Giant Penis Bread

Women and Penis Size, Again

Here’s another one of those articles that talk about penis size and how size doesn’t matter to women. Notice how heteronormative it is, and the way it never takes gay men into consideration…at all.

According to a survey published by Bustle Magazine, 84 percent of women reported being fine with the size of their partner’s penis, while men are afraid of being perceived as less manly or unable to satisfy their partners’ needs if their member is not of a certain proportion.

I just thought it was interesting to show how gay men aren’t even part of this conversation anywhere. I’m not just singling this article out. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen.

Here’s the rest, if you feel you need to read that water is wet, again.

I’m adding this just in case the link doesn’t work. I had a few issues with it. If you copy and paste it into your browser this does work.

Fifty Shades Darker and Jamie Dornan Full Frontal Male Nudity
Evidently, there will be male full frontal nudity in the film Fifty Shades Darker.

Fifty Shades Darker fans will be delighted to know that Jamie Dornan is indeed going to show his penis while he gets intimate with Dakota Johnson in upcoming sequels.
It goes on to talk more about Fifty Shades as a series, and how Dornan finished shooting the last two sequels in the series and won’t be doing anymore Fifty Shades movies after that. I haven’t even seen the movie yet and that’s partly Tony’s fault. He won’t watch it and that’s a compromise I’m willing to make.

“Bake Off” and the Giant Penis Bread

There’s a TV show in the UK called “Bake Off” and one of the contestants was trying to create a loaf of bread in the shape of Thor’s hammer. (I think Thor is a character in Game of Thrones.)  
However, this is what happened…
While making some slightly odd bread anyway (stuffed with cranberries and seaweed?!) Tom Gillford opted to shape it in a peculiar way too. Supposedly Thor’s hammer, but he ended up with a bread c*ck.

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