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Porn Star Dimitri Kane Dead At 20; Bad Messages for the HIV Poz; Trans Women Giving Birth

Porn Star Dimitri Kane Dead At 20

I hate to say this but it looks as if there’s a pattern with young gay male porn stars. I don’t know what that’s about and I don’t know how to comment on something like that. I just keep seeing these awful things in the news about them and I wonder. That’s all. 

The NSFW blog Str8UpGayPorn broke the news, citing an unnamed source close to Kane who said the young man took his own life. Another source close to the family says it was a drug overdose. An autopsy is pending.

Kane performed for various studios over the years including ManRoyale, Pride Studios, and NextDoorStudios.

The rest is here. There are more than 100 comments.

Bad Messages for the HIV Poz

Remember last week when I said I was shocked at the way people responded to the news that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive? Well, that kind of vitriol doesn’t stop with Sheen. Evidently, HIV+ gay men get slammed all the time on apps like Grindr and Scruff. I’ve never been to either app so I wouldn’t know.

In this video produced by FS magazine, HIV-positive men read real — and really demeaning — messages they’re received on dating apps over the years. And it’s not pretty.

While we imagine most of these artlessly vindictive messages were attached to grainy snapshots of eerily disembodied chests, the men in the video even venture to show their faces. Fancy that.

You can check out the video here. Thankfully, most of the comments with this article are a lot more encouraging. But there are only ten. Compare that to the 100 or more with the clickbait articles…or those about her royal highness, Hillary Clinton. 

What I find amazing is how many people out there are so damn limited when it comes to knowing about HIV.  Read something, people. That’s what the Internet was intended to be: a source for information.

Trans Women Giving Birth

It looks as if medical science came up with something new again. I wish it were a cure for cancer or at least some kind of cancer vaccine, however, it’s interesting.

In short, this article is predicting that within ten years trans women may be giving birth.

I’m not quoting because it’s one of those odd web sites not compatible with blogger that screws up my posts. But you can get there from here. 

I’m assuming this is only for transgender women who have undergone surgery to physically become women. I know that sounds like a water is wet comment, but a lot of people find this confusing. I’m often one of them.

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