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Gay Walt Whitman No One Mentions; Nearly Naked Ben Ryan; Bad Gay Tops In Bed

Gay Walt Whitman

Yesterday I saw Walt Whitman trending on Twitter so I checked it out and discovered it would have been his birthday. I rarely follow things like that closely…I can’t even remember my own birthday half the time…but I thought it was interesting that so many years later no one on Twitter mentioned Whitman’s ties to the gay community. I’m not even sure why that is. Are they afraid to say it? Or they just don’t know?

In any event, here’s a good article I found about Whitman and his longtime partner, Peter Doyle.

In fact, though, it can be argued that Whitman wouldn’t have risen to his lofty stature if Doyle hadn’t become his muse. Doyle inspired some of his partner’s best-known works and also caused the tone of Whitman’s poetry to become more optimistic.

You can read more here, and there’s a photo of Whitman with Doyle. I think we really need to talk about these things a lot more, and talk about Nick Jonas a lot less.

Here’s another excerpt:

In the correspondence, the men often spoke of their love for each other. In one letter, Whitman told Doyle, “I think of you very often. My love for you is indestructible,” and in another he wrote, “I don’t know what I should do if I hadn’t you to think of & look forward to.”

Nearly Naked Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan is an AIDS activist and he goes about it in a slightly different way. 
“For the last 15 years,” Ben said, “I’ve written about the HIV epidemic as a reporter.” He currently covers science as editor-at-large for POZ Magazine, and getting his facts straight is incredibly important to him — especially when every detail of each new HIV or PrEP study is parsed and debated online. “The way I make sure my back is covered is I fact check like crazy,” he said. “Even one word can change the meaning of something. If I do get something wrong, I’m really upset. I’m a perfectionist.”

You can check the rest out here, where they go into detail about his fundraising and Broadway Bares. I haven’t read any of his articles about HIV or PrEP, but I am going to make a point of doing that now.

Bad Gay Tops In Bed

Here’s an article that discusses eleven possible reasons why a gay top man in bed might not be that great at what he’s doing. It is kind of speculative, though. I think every man has a different approach.

4. The top asks when and where he may cum.
If a top’s penis is ready to climax, allow the penis to climax.  The greatest part of sex is natural chemistry. If a top and bottom are enjoying a sexual experience without commands or instructions, then the grand finale should be as natural as long as the bottom is not poked in the eye by the top’s semen.

They’re all interesting…and I could probably add a few more. I often get into these things in my books with characters. But once again, a lot of this is a matter of preference and chemistry.

You can check it out here


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