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Steve Grand and Hillary Selfie; When a Gay Man Gets Rejected; Blackmailing a "Married" Man on Grindr

Steve Grand and Hillary Selfie

This isn’t about a selfie with Steve Grand and Hillary, although why that didn’t happen I’m not sure.

Grand tweeted about an event in the Hamptons this past weekend that he attended where he sat very close to Secretary Clinton and it looks like SHE took the selfie of Grand and his buddies. From the way it looks, Secretary Clinton didn’t actually get into the photo.

From Grand’s Instagram account:

StevegrandmusicPhotoCredit: Hillary Clinton. We has a nice chat about my State Department Trip to Europe, LGBTQ rights, and Russia at a small dinner party in the Hamptons (she sat 3 seats away from me at the oppostie side of the table :D!!) I shook Bill Clinton’s hand and hugged Paul McCartney. Then we all danced. First night outhere a success. 

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that…Hillary taking a selfie of YOU instead of you taking a selfie with Hillary. And in the Hamptons, too. I love the Hamptons. My brother in NY had a home in East Hampton and Tony and I used to go out. It’s actually really nice in the winter, especially in February. I’ve always thought of it as a nice alternative to Fire Island. 

You can check this out in instagram at Steve Grand’s account. 

And here’s more about the Clintons and the 100K they spent renting a home in East Hampton. 

I’m not sure where Bernie Sanders will be vacationing this summer…or how much he spent.

When a Gay Man Gets Rejected

What really happens when a gay man gets rejected? Because they obviously think it’s so different from when straight people get rejected. Here’s something that was put together by some comedian I never heard of.

Everyone handles rejection differently. Some people simply shrug it off and move on. Others may resort to more self-destructive behavior, like drinking or gambling or some other form of high-risk behavior. Then there are those who lock themselves in their apartments and wallow in their pain until their egos have recovered.

There’s a video with painfully forced, amateur dialogue about exchanging instagram accounts, when two bottoms (Oh yeah, they’re both bottoms) meet in the lobby of some typical cliche of an apartment building. Be prepared. When one says to the other “Oh, you’re straight,” in gay twink valley voice, you don’t want to be drinking anything. You could ruin your keyboard.

You can check it out here. As usual the comments are even more entertaining than the actual piece itself. Some of the comments do, however, actually show how hard rejection really is for some guys. And that’s nothing to laugh about.

Blackmailing a “Married” Man On Grindr

It’s happened again, and on Grindr. AND, with a “married” man. Another dangerous scam with a “married” man.

It’s interesting how we all just assume that because the headline reads “married” man he’s having gay sex and he’s “married” to a woman. I guess that’s going to take a little time to figure out. 

In any event…

In a Swindon Crown Court last week, 29-year-old Daniel Edwards and 30-year-old Kristofer Wagner admitted to the charge. According to court documents, Edwards exchanged photos and messages with the victim before asking if he was married. When he told him that he was, Edwards then threatened to forward their conversation and his pictures to his wife.

You can read more about it here. 

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