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Steve Grand, Bad Food, and Clean "Butt Holes"; The Wonderful Justin Guarini; Vintage Gay Valentines

Steve Grand and Clean “Butt Holes”

I’ve always treated Steve Grand with nothing but respect on this blog. If you were to do a search on this blog with his name you’d find that I’ve been following him since his first video appeared online and he started gaining a following. And it’s always been respectful and professional. I will continue to do that, too.

With that said, here’s an interesting video Grand just released on Youtube about Valentine’s day, where he’s sitting back in an office chair, in shorts, with his bare feet pointed to the camera, binge eating junk food and talking about…cleaning your “butt hole.”

This is the link to the video on youtube.

There are 333 comments as of now. It’s amusing. I can’t share it here because I don’t trust google blogger. But most people seem to be enjoying it.

The Wonderful Justin Guarini

Now here’s a video I would never hesitate to share.

It’s the wonderful Justin Guarini who I follow on Twitter, and who I’ve been following since he first started on American Idol. I think that was like 15 years ago, and I only started watching AI because Guarini is from Doylestown, PA, and I live in New Hope, PA. It was a local thing; I was curious. But when I heard Guarini sing, I was a fan for life. After that, he could have been from anywhere in the world and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

He’s that good. He’s not gay, but I never supported anyone, anywhere, just based on their sexuality. I think it’s more about the talent.

He’s also a class act and his tweets are both witty and serious. He has…I think…a wife and three kids, and he’s always doing something for charity.

You can follow him on twitter, here  @JustinGuarini  

He won’t let you down.

Vintage Gay Valentines

This is fascinating because there’s so little about gay history prior to the 1960s. When I wrote and published “The Men Who Loved On the Titanic,” I found virtually nothing about men who were attracted to men in the Edwardian Era. For obvious reasons, very little exists. 

Marriage equality wasn’t even a pipe dream, homosexuality was a punishable crime and Grindr was something a wheat farmer probably used, and still these same-sex couples managed to find moments of affection and love.

I can’t share the vintage photos, but you can check them out here. It’s worth the trip.  They are excellent.

A Gay Erotic Parody

The Way We Almost Were