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Judge Judy on Grindr; 35 Worst Sex Acts; Instagram Homophobia? Small Town Romance Writer by Ryan Field

Judge Judy on Grindr

Judge Judith Sheindlin  recently found out what gay hook up site, Grindr, is all about through an episode of her courtroom TV show, Judge Judy.  She was in the middle of a dispute between a 47 year old man and his 23 year old “friend” when she found out they’d met on Grindr. Her comments, as always, are classic.

‘Um, we met on a, um … social website,’ Murphy explained. ‘It’s actually called Grindr. … It’s an app for your phone or your iPad. It’s a social app that tells you where homosexual males are and their proximity to where you are.’

The judge then asked: ‘Mr. Murphy, so, what you’re telling me, sir, is you went on this website in order to find someone who had the same sexual predisposition you did?’

Murphy then tried to say this with a straight face: ‘Um, no, actually, it was just to make friends.’

The always blunt judge replied: ‘If I was looking just to make friends, I wouldn’t go on a website that said it’s just for little, old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons a little bit, do you understand, Mr. Murphy?’

It gets better. Judge Judy told the older guy he should be with someone closer to his own age…”at least out of school.” Ha!! There’s usually only one reason why a 23 year old is with a 47 year old and friendship has nothing to do with it.

You can read more here. This is why I have a DVR alert for Judge Judy running twenty-four hours. The thing that always amazes me is that there are people so willing and eager to get in TV they’ll do anything, even if it involves a certain amount of public humiliation.

35 Worst Sex Acts

Here’s a harsh little piece that seems to criticize the sex acts on the TV show, Californication, starring David DuchovnyBrian Feldman calls it soft core porn.  I’m not sure why Feldman feels he is qualified to judge what porn actually is, but that’s another post. What does bother me is that we always hear from the “I hate sex crowd” but you never hear anyone say there wasn’t enough sex in a TV show, book, or film. Just the big mouth “I hate sex crowd.”

In any event:

Last night, Showtime’s Californication rode off into the sunset after seven long seasons. It should surprise nobody that a show called Californication spent much of its time contriving embarrassing sex acts for its characters to perform. What resulted was basically 84 episodes of soft-core porn masquerading as premium cable drama. Thanks, Showtime! Here are 35 of the worst sexual encounters or mishaps that David Duchovny’s Hank Moody, Evan Handler’s Charlie, and the Californication crew participated in.

Here are a few examples:

  • Hank pukes on a valuable painting while having sex with someone.
  • Charlie masturbates in his office, repeatedly and vigorously …
  • … Videos of Charlie repeatedly and vigorously masturbating in his office get him fired.
  • Charlie gets his nipple torn off by a sex toy.
  • Hank and Charlie have a threesome with a boxing trainer, during which she squirts on Charlie’s face just as both of Hank and Charlie’s significant others walk into the room.
  • There are more here. I thought the show was done well and I always like to remind people they don’t have to watch or read anything with too many sex scenes if they don’t want to. You can always knit a sweater instead…or read something by Brian Feldman. 

    Instragram Homophobia?

    This article is interesting because I’ve seen the same thing happen with other social media and I’m not sure it’s a matter of homophobia. I’m not sure it isn’t either. I just think most social media outlets seriously need to rethink their actions in the mad rush to tear people down without even giving them the benefit of the doubt. Facebook is the biggest culprit of all time. If someone posts gay content and someone else doesn’t like that gay content by the person who made the post can be reported and his or her account can be suspended. In this case, a photo of a newly married gay couple was taken down on Instagram without even sending out a take down notice…or checking the facts correctly.

    This is the kiss that sealed their wedding vows. Vows that under state and federal protection offer them 1500 rights and responsibilities. ‘@instagram we expect an apology for taking this pic down and flagging it as inappropriate.

    PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST PLEASE REPOST!’ Instagram has apologized for the mistake, and restored the photo. ‘When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake,’ an Instagram spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

     ‘In this case, we wrongly removed content and rectified the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.’

    You can read more about how all this transpired here. But I think the point of all this is that social media outlets should have a better control with regard to what is and is not considered harmful content. This photo of two married men is about as harmless as it gets. In the same respect, I have seen some images on Instagram that leave a great deal to be desired. A few are taken down, but no one rushes to do that.

    Small Town Romance Writer

    Here’s a preview of another upcoming book, Small Town Romance Writer. It’s part of the bad boy billionaire series, and this one is longer than my other books. It runs about 110,000 words, which is over twice the required word count in my contracts, but it just couldn’t be helped this time. I actually edited it down from over 150,000 words. I’ll post more tomorrow. There’s a blog hop post I’m doing for the 4th of July on my first gay experience and I’m going to tie this in somehow.



    John Barrowman Honored by Queen; Chelsea Manning Op-Ed Piece; Palm Beack Stud by Ryan Field

    John Barrowman Honored by Queen

    Torchwood and Arrow star, John Barrowman, claims it’s been one of the most exciting things of his life being honored by Queen Elizabeth.

    John Barrowman was recognized with a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) over the weekend and the honor has left the Torchwood and Arrow star ‘chuffed.’ ‘It’s been the hardest thing for me to keep this a secret, but I’m glad it’s out now, because this is probably one of the proudest days of my life,’ Barrowman said in a video posted online.

    More here. Barrowman is openly gay, which I wish didn’t make a difference. But it still does and it’s still worth mentioning.

    Torchwood and Arrow are two different TV shows (I think). I’m not familiar with either so I thought I’d mention them so I don’t get any facts wrong.

    As first reported by EW, Barrowman will board the network’s adaptation of the DC Comics series as a well-dressed man who is as mysterious as he is wealthy. In the recurring role, the Doctor Who alum will play an acquaintance of the Queen family and prominent figure in Starling City.

    You can read more here.

    Chelsea Manning Op-Ed Piece

    This is interesting for a variety of reasons. For one thing, Chelsea Manning is a member of the LGBTI community and identifies as a trans woman. When she leaked 700,000  secret military documents she did it because she wanted to let the world know what’s been happening. She allegedly claims the mainstream media is not doing its job informing us and the government is not telling us all we need to know about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

     ‘I believe that the current limits on press freedom and excessive government secrecy make it impossible for Americans to grasp fully what is happening in the wars we finance,’ she writes.

    During the Iraq elections in 2010, Manning maintains she saw military and diplomatic reports that showed the country’s Ministry of Interior and federal police, ‘on behalf of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki,’ harassed, tortured, and killed political dissenters.

    I hate to say it again, but it’s not something that surprises me. I’ve consistently found the mainstream media in all respects lacking in substance and getting weaker in the past ten years in all aspects. I would even take it a step further, but I’d rather not do that in a short post like this.

    But it doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is the lack of concern in the US from so many. They seem to believe everything they are told by members of the press who are making millions of dollars to tell them what they are being told. Bill Maher is a freaking comedian, not a journalist. He’s an entertainer, not a reporter. He’s in this for money no matter what he leads you to believe. Unfortunately,  few ever question anything anymore. We don’t even get the basics and no one seems to mind.

    You can read more here.

    Palm Beach Stud by Ryan Field

    Here’s a link and a description to a book in the Bad Boy Billionaire Series. I’ve been consistently lacking in my promotional habits and I’m trying to rectify that as much as I can. This novel is a gay romance set in Palm Beach, Florida with more than a few emotional scenes…especially in the end.

    The interesting thing about true love is that it never really ends for those who know what it means to love openly and honestly with all their hearts. It’s something that’s hard to define, and yet it’s so deep in the soul it can’t be ignored. And Brady Bradley is no exception to this rule when he finds himself marrying a man he respects and admires, but doesn’t love as much as his first husband.

    Brady is one of those people who are damaged by love at a young age, and he’s never recovered. All he’s looking for with his second husband is trust, honesty, and a sense of emotional security he never could find with his bad boy first husband.
    But one week before the wedding, Brady’s ex-husband returns to Palm Beach with his new, younger boyfriend and a business partner who wants to buy Brady’s family home. Although everyone—including Brady’s family—loves his billionaire ex-husband, Brady only sees the man who cheated on him and ruined his entire life.

    Will Brady be able to move forward with his life and marry the sensible, practical man in a bowtie? Or will he wind up devastated again by the same brand of daydreaming that once left him wrecked? 

    Amazon Link    

    Gay Wins Big Brother: FREE Gay Excerpt Small Town Romance Writer

    This summer the only openly gay man in the Big Brother house won the grand prize of five hundred thousand dollars. But before anyone starts clapping, the title of the article to which I’m linking is, Did a Racist Win Big Brother 15?  Here are a few of my posts on the subject this summer. And I haven’t been the only one blogging and talking about the racist comments.

     From NBC News Entertainment:

    and then there was Andy Herren, an openly gay contestant who found himself on the receiving end inappropriate slurs from his fellow houseguests, but managed to make enough verbal waves to spark a Facebook statement from his former employer explaining that he “does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.”

    Andy Herren wasn’t the only one, and actually he didn’t make the majority of the racists comments. These racists comments were addressed at the season finale last Wednesday night when the house guests came together for the first time since each one had been evicted, before a live audience. But they weren’t addressed in any detail by any means, and it would be interesting to see how some of these houseguests reacted to what America saw this summer on TV and the live feed. Several of them were fired from their jobs just like Andy Herren.

    But not everyone made racist comments. Unfortunately he didn’t win the prize. Howard Overby said this:

    “My sincere prayer to anyone who has said anything like that … is that you grow from this, you mature from this, you own this,” he explained. “Hopefully there’s a change from the inside out.”

    FREE Gay Excerpt Small Town Romance Writer

    All week I’ve been posting excerpts from published books, and because this is the last day of the week, I figured I would post an excerpt from an upcoming book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series. This one is tentatively titled Small Town Romance Writer, it’s 113,000 words in length, and it’s the eighth and final book in the series.

    I’ll post the pg rated part of the excerpt here, and then you can click to my Word Press blog to read the erotic parts.

    Chapter Fourteen
                While they were in the airport waiting for a flight to Boston, Ethan phoned Travis to talk about another bad review he’d received from The Shark Lady. This time his voice sounded wrecked with anger, to the point where he practically hissed and Travis had to pull his cell phone away from his ear.
                “That fucking asshole is trying to ruin me,” Ethan said. “Who writes two bad reviews for the same book? That was no accident, Travis. I’m going to write an open letter to that shark fucker on my web site and I’m going to fucking eat her for breakfast.” This time The Shark Lady had taken his highly toned down sex scenes out of context and turned them into hysterical examples of bad writing. She’d blasted it all over various social media web sites. Travis didn’t mention this to Ethan, but even he’d smiled at a few of her comments. They were genuinely funny, although highly out of context.
                Even though Travis had never been a fan of Ethan’s writing style, Ethan was his best friend and he had to say something to calm him down. But more than that, Travis had to admit that the review had not been fair. Funny, but not fair. He’d seen this before more than once, the way a clever book reviewer can take an excerpt from a book…any book, including the bible…out of context and make it look ridiculous. It was an age old trick some book reviewers’ use, but unfortunately most people didn’t recognize it or understand it. And there was nothing an author could do about it except take it with grace, write the book reviewer’s name down on a list, file it somewhere for future reference, and then get even with the nasty reviewer sometime down the road in the future.
                “You have to calm down,” Travis said. “If you write an open letter to a book reviewer about a bad review the only thing that will happen is that you’ll make yourself look bad. And you have so many wonderful things happening right now that would be huge mistake. Just laugh it off. Take it as a compliment. How many authors get two reviews from the same reviewer?” That’s what Travis had done.
                “You don’t know what it’s like,” Ethan said. “No one ever wrote a review like that for your book.”
                That was true. Travis’s award winning book had received some excellent reviews, and mostly middle of the road reviews. But this worried him even more than if he’d had bad reviews. He’d always believed the books that sparked the most controversy and created the most interesting discussions were the most valuable. In order to spark discussion a book had to be both loved and hated. But he didn’t want to get into that with Ethan on the phone, in the airport. So he continued to pacify him and stroke his damaged ego until they said it was time to board the plane.
                “I have to go now. We’re boarding. Call me later when I get to P’town. Just don’t write or say anything you’ll regret. Let it go, Ethan. Don’t do or say anything in public. You’ll regret it. Just trust me on this one thing.”
                “Can I send her a dead fish?” Ethan asked. “Or maybe a ticket for a cruise ship in shark infested waters.”
                “No, not even that. Let it go. She only wants you to respond. She’s goading you.”
                His voice had mellowed by then. “I suppose you’re right once again. Thanks for listening to me rant that way. But I will get even with that nasty, vicious, evil excuse for a human being someday if it’s the last thing I do.”
                Travis smiled. “I have no doubt about that. Call me later if you want. Love you.”
                “Love you, too,” Ethan said. “And thanks again for being there, as always.”
                When Travis hung up, Scottie reached for their carry-on bags and said, “Is he okay now?” He’d been listening to the conversation the entire time. He seemed to have come to his own personal understanding about Ethan and Travis’s relationship and he never questioned the dynamics.
                Travis stood up and said, “I think he is. But I have a feeling someday in the future he’s going to picking his teeth with the remains of the woman who wrote that nasty book review. Ethan never forgets anything that bruises his ego.”

    The moment they boarded the plane, Travis noticed the way Scottie was staring at him. “Knock that off,” he said. “We haven’t even buckled our seatbelts yet.” He knew that look in Scottie’s eye.

    Scottie laughed and said, “What?”

    “You know what you’re doing,” Travis said. “Just calm yourself and we’ll see how things go. I don’t feel like getting arrested.” He’d promised Scottie they would have sex on the plane: a blow job and a fuck in the rest room.

    So Scottie sat back, buckled his seatbelt, and closed his eyes for the next hour. Travis had always admired Scottie’s ability to fall asleep with such ease. Travis still had to concentrate on sleeping each night when he went to bed, and it was impossible for him to sleep on a plane, especially a flight as short as this one from Iowa to Boston. So he pulled out a new book he’d purchased for the trip that discussed communication, literature, and semiotics. This was part of the course he would be teaching the next semester titled, Communications and Literature. There were some things about the topic even he didn’t understand, and he often wondered about how much easier his life would have been if he’d decided to write simple, entertaining books like Ethan. He would have been flying in first class that day, too, instead of coach.

    When they were in the air for about an hour, Scottie opened his eyes and slid his hand across Travis’s knee. He smiled and asked, “Wanna gimme head now?”

    Travis continued to stare at the book he’d been reading, pretending he wasn’t amused. “Go back to sleep.”

    “C’mon,” Scottie said. “Just one quick blow job. No one will see us.” They were sitting at the back of the plane, with Travis in the window seat and Scottie in the aisle. There were people behind them and in front of them, but the seats were tall enough that none of them could see anything unless they actually stood up and leaned over. And the seats on the opposite side of the plane beside them were occupied by two guys in their early twenties who both seemed to be sleeping. And they both seemed to be traveling alone.

    “It’s too risky,” Travis said. He nodded to the guys across the aisle.

    “They’re sound asleep,” Scottie said. He pulled down his zipper and shoved his hand into the fly of his jeans so he could stroke himself.

    Travis smiled. “Stop that. Pull up your zipper right now.”

    “How about a hand job,” Scottie said. “I’ll put my jacket on my lap and you can reach over. No one will notice.” He pulled his hand out of his pants and put his jacket on his lap so no one could see his dick.

    Travis looked across the aisle to make sure the two guys were still sleeping, and then he slowly reached over and put his hand in Scottie’s pants. He tried stroking him this way for a minute or two, but couldn’t seem to find the right grip. He had to actually pull it out to stroke it fast enough to get Scottie off. While Travis did this, Scottie rested his head back and closed his eyes. Travis made sure he watched everything around him, and he listened to every movement to make sure no one would walk up behind them and catch him in the act. When the young guy sitting across from them moved to change positions in his seat, Travis stopped moving his hand and sent him a smile. The guy returned the smile and closed his eyes again. He obviously had no idea what was happening and he didn’t seem to care anyway. All he wanted to do was sleep.

    Then Travis noticed a flight attendant heading toward them and he stopped once again. As the attendant passed, glancing at each passenger in each seat, Travis sent him a smile, too. The flight attendant returned the smile, without a clue.

    These little stops and starts must have excited Scottie, because each time it happened Travis felt Scottie growing closer to climax. Scottie wasn’t the type to moan or make exaggerated sounds or movements. Scottie came quietly, without much fanfare, but there were always subtle signs in advance. Travis always knew when Scottie was close because he made a strange face where his eyebrows furrowed and he always started moving his head back and forth. And when Travis noticed these things that day he started stroking faster.

    In less than two or three minutes, Scottie’s body went dead still and Travis felt something warm on his fingers. Travis held him a little longer, and then he pulled his hand out from under the jacket and he kissed Scottie on the lips.

    Scottie wiped a line of perspiration from his forehead and said, “I made a mess all over your hand.”

    Travis shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

    “I’ll go to the bathroom and bring you back a towel,” Scottie said.

    “Don’t bother,” Travis said. Then he lifted his hand and licked his fingers clean. He knew this would excite Scottie and he did it on purpose.

    Scottie kissed him and said, “Lick my jeans now.”

    He would have if they hadn’t been on a plane surrounded by all those people. But that would have been far too risky, so he laughed and said, “Go clean up now. It smells like bleach back here.” Scottie was one of those men who had that extra strong bleach smell that seemed to fill the air.

    When he stood up to use the bathroom, he covered his crotch with the jacket so no one would notice the mess he’d made. Travis moved sideways to get comfortable again, and he noticed the guy across the aisle from him move again. As he changed positions this time, the guy opened his eyes and lifted his head a little. When Travis noticed him sniffing the air, Travis lowered his gaze to his lap and pretended he hadn’t seen him.

    Of course a half hour or so later Scottie wanted to sneak into the rest room and fuck Travis before they landed in Boston. He kept poking Travis in the arm and saying, “Let’s do it.”

    Travis finally reached a point where he couldn’t resist any longer, so he leaned over and spoke in a stage whisper. “Wait a few minutes, and then follow me. Give me a minute to get out of my clothes.” Unlike Scottie, Travis had already had sex in rest rooms on planes and he’d always found it highly erotic.

    Without waiting for Scottie to reply, he stood up, stepped over Scottie’s legs, and walked to the back of the plane to get naked in the rest room. He went inside without locking the door and removed all of his clothes, including his socks and shoes. Part of the thrill for him was being completely naked, not just bent over with his pants down around his knees. That was the kind of thing he’d done with strangers on planes, but with his own partner whom he trusted he wanted to experience the freedom of getting fucked in the rest room in the nude. While he waited for Scottie to come in, he braced his hands on the sink, leaned forward, arched his back, and spread his legs. And when the door opened a moment after that, he flung his head to smile at Scottie and said, “Give it to me hard.”

    But it wasn’t Scottie standing in the doorway. It was the young guy who had been sitting across from him in the aisle. The guy’s eyebrows went up, he stared at Travis for a moment, and then said, “I can do that.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. “I’m always prepared.” Then he walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

    As he placed his palm flat on Travis’s naked ass, Travis said, “I’m waiting for someone else. He was supposed to join me.”

    Then the bathroom door opened and Scottie gaped at the two of them. He entered quickly and locked the door so no one else could enter.

    “I thought it was you,” Travis said. He didn’t want Scottie to think he’d encouraged this strange young man to follow him inside.

    “He got up first,” Scottie said. “When I saw him heading toward the bathroom I didn’t know what to do, so I waited outside for a minute.”

    The young guy shrugged and said, “It’s cool.” He patted Travis’s ass and laughed. He looked at Scottie and said, “He said he wants someone to give it to him hard, man.” He rubbed Travis’s ass and said, “I think the two of us should give it to him hard. It’s fate.”

    Scottie and Travis exchanged a glance. They hadn’t taken a third for a while, but it wasn’t as if they’d never done three-ways before, and Travis had to admit the young guy reminded him of a lanky dark-haired actor he’d seen on TV recently. He had a messy, casual appeal and he wore his loose jeans low on his hips. So Travis said to Scottie, “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

    “I think it’s hot,” Scottie said, as he pulled his erection out of his jeans and started to stroke it.

    After that they didn’t waste time. The young guy with dark hair opened his pants, pulled them down to his knees, and covered his dick with the most unusual bright red lubricated condom. Travis spread his legs wider and the guy grabbed his hips. He entered fast and gave it to Travis just as hard as he’d asked for it when he’d seen him standing in the doorway. After he came, he pulled out and Scottie entered and repeated what the young guy had just done. The young guy removed the condom and threw it into the commode, but he lingered there with his pants around his knees watching Scottie fuck Travis. When Scottie came, Travis grabbed his dick and he climaxed, too. The entire scene took about ten minutes. When it ended, Scottie kissed Travis on the lips and the young guy patted him on the ass.

    The young guy pulled up his pants and said, “That was nice, guys. Thanks.” Then he left them alone.

    Scottie put his dick back into his jeans and said, “That was nice. I totally didn’t expect it. Now I can finally say I had sex on a plane.”

    Travis was still naked and he had to take care of things, so to speak. Scottie hadn’t used a condom because there had been no need for him to use one. So Travis pointed to the door and said, “Go back to the seats and let me clean up before we both get arrested.”

    When Travis finally got dressed and exited the small bathroom, there were two people waiting outside. He passed them and smiled, pretending nothing unusual had happened, but one of the people gave him a look as if she suspected something. When he reached his seat he couldn’t remember whether or not he’d flushed the toilet where the young guy had tossed the vivid red condom. He panicked for a moment and pictured the woman screaming and calling for a slight attendant. But a few minutes later he saw her pass by and return to her seat a few rows ahead of him. She didn’t seem as if anything was wrong, so he figured he must have remembered to flush.

    Scottie and the guy across the aisle who had just fucked Travis seemed to have bonded while Travis had been cleaning up and getting dressed. They wound up talking across the aisle until the plane landed, all the way out of the plane, and even as they walked into the airport.  They talked about baseball and how they were Red Sox fans. Travis knew nothing about baseball and he smiled and listened while they repeated the names of players and highlights from games that season.

    When they reached the exit they stopped and the guy smiled at Travis. “Thanks again, dude. That was fun.”

    As Travis was about to say, “You’re welcome,” a young blond woman in a sundress ran up behind the young man and said, “Honey, there you are. Did you have a good flight?” Then she kissed him and said, “I’ve missed my big strong husband so much. The kids are in the car with my mother and Aunt Nan.” She pronounced aunt as ont.

    Travis and Scottie exchanged a smile and they both stood there waiting to see how the young guy would react. After his wife kissed him, he remained expressionless while she looked Travis up and down and asked, “Can I help you?” She had an attitude that suggested superiority, and she spoke with a defensive tone, as if she couldn’t figure out why her husband was standing there with two attractive young men.

    The young guy who had just fucked Travis sent Travis a pleading glance.

    Travis smiled at the wife and said, “No, we have to catch the ferry to Provincetown now. We were just talking guy talk with your husband on the plane.” He faked punched the young guy in the arm and said, “Isn’t that right, buddy.” He emphasized the word buddy just like he’d heard straight guys say it.

    The young guy’s face turned pale white and he shrugged. “Ah, that’s right, man.” Then he took his wife’s arm and led her out of that airport as fast as he could.

    On the way to the ferry, Scottie joked about the expression on the guy’s face, and he seemed to think the wife had suspicions about her husband from the way she’d looked at Travis.

    “Notice she didn’t look at you that way,” Travis said. “She looked at me if she wanted to scratch my eyes out. And I didn’t do or say anything to provoke that kind of a reaction from her.”

    “Dude,” Scottie said. “Her husband just fucked your brains out on the plane.”

    “She didn’t know that,” Travis said. “And I had no idea he was married. He wasn’t wearing ring.”

    “He put it on when he sat down again,” Scottie said. “I saw him do it when he didn’t think anyone was watching.”

    This hadn’t been the first time so-called straight married man had pulled something like this on Travis. They all removed their wedding rings when they traveled without their wives. “Well I think it’s sad,” Travis said. “He could have at least said he was married so I could decide whether or not I wanted to do anything with him. And if I’d known he was married I would have said no.”

    Scottie put his arm around Travis and said, “Maybe he’s bi-sexual. Who knows? I’ll never forget the look on his face when she showed up, and I’ll never forget the way she looked at you.”

    Travis would never forget it either, and mostly because it wasn’t the first time it had happened to him. But he vowed it would be the last. From that day forward he would ask them if they were married. And if they were he would tell them to go home and fuck their wives and leave him alone.

    Read More….

    New Release: The Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

    New Release: The Silicon Valley Sex Scandal

    Here’s the cover for my new release with Ravenous Romance in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, Silicon Valley Sex Scandal. I like what they did this time. I see several key elements from the book in the cover, including the ultra modern home the main character owns in Cupertino, CA.

    I get into a few interesting things in this book, like cyber-dating, online fakery, catfishing, and stalking. I took the liberty of using poetic license at times in a positive sense, because this is how I wish the Internet would be. But I think in time it will be more secure…after enough important people suffer the things others have been suffering online. In other words, when it happens to someone like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, we’ll see changes come fast. And that’s exactly what I wanted to point out in this book with the main character…as a sideline to the romantic plot.

    Here’s the blurb…free excerpts to come when it’s released:

    Shannon Winn is known as the world’s most capricious gay billionaire and the owner of the world’s safest, coolest social media web site, When Shannon meets a guy named Terry on his own web site, he considers it fun and games, not looking for a relationship.

    And that’s because Shannon already has an open relationship with his personal assistant, Justin. Although they aren’t committed to each other, Shannon’s not looking to meet anyone else for love. This bad boy just wants to fool around with Terry and forget all about him the next day.

    It’s unfortunate for Shannon that Terry doesn’t realize this, because after their first and only time together Terry not only falls in love with Shannon, he begins to stalk him and imagine them as a couple. In the course of one week, Terry follows Shannon’s every move, showing up unexpectedly and seducing Shannon with great success.

    When bad boy Shannon finally realizes the fatal mistakes he’s made with Terry, and he knows for certain he’s really in love with Justin, it just might be too late for them. Will Terry’s crazed infatuation with Shannon ruin Shannon’s chances of true love with Justin? And will delusional Terry finally snap and kill them all?

    Matt Bomer on The New Normal; New Release: The Wall Street Shark; FREE Excerpt

    As I posted earlier this month, actor Matt Bomer of “White Collar” fame and “Fifty Shades of Grey” is he gonna get the part of Christian fame, guest starred last night on TV’s “The New Normal.” And it was not only a great show, it added another layer of what I think is an important reality when it comes to gay relationships in a general sense. And I don’t like to generalize anything.

    I know I’ve been back and forth about TNN. But I keep watching it and I haven’t formed a complete opinion yet, and I’m not sure I will. I ultimately decided to stop taking things so seriously, just watch a nice TV show with gay people, and take it for what it’s worth: entertainment. And sometimes that’s all it should be about.

    On the other hand, I witness a lot of fresh boiling hells, so to speak, in publishing when it comes to gay men and gay relationships. I see some new authors who are so eager to promote and push absolute drek I’ve reached to point of total dismissal. In other words, if it looks like the author is full of shit, I don’t bother anymore. Thankfully, it all balances out and I see a lot of great authors who don’t do this with their LGBT books. Unfortunately, those great authors don’t get nearly as much publicity or attention for their great books as the fakers because they don’t know how to work the crowd as well with a great line of bullshit. It’s hard to watch sometimes on social media.

    But I didn’t get that last night with TNN. The character Bomer plays is fairly typical of more than a few gay men I know. And I don’t mean stereotypical either. There’s a difference. He’s the ex-boyfriend of Monty, and he returns to Monty’s life after two years as a changed man. He’s tired of the way he’s been living and he wants to settle down and have kids. You can read more here.

    I’d also like to add the use of parody was done well in the episode I saw last night. I would imagine a lot of straight people watching wouldn’t get the parody. I think you have to be gay, or very close to gay people, to understand it. From the jokes about adoption to the character of the doctor who is the saddest sack of gay flesh to hit a TV screen in years, it worked. Or course, as I said, the key word is parody, but I actually know someone just like the doctor…the perpetual middle aged gay man seeking love and never finding it. And the fact that they want to fix Bomer up with him isn’t all that unusual. One of the worst stereotypes I see in gay fiction these days has more to do with two ultra hot gay men falling in love than gay men with a few fundamental flaws. But that’s another post.

    The sub-plot in last night’s show worked, too. I’m getting a little tired of the bully trope…gay or straight. I’ve seen it done so many times I don’t really pay that much attention to it anymore. I know bullying is wrong. I hate bullies and bullying. I don’t like bullies anymore than the next guy. But when it reaches the point of saturation, and those who start writing about it are only writing about it because it’s so popular, maybe it’s time to find another trope du jour. In any event, it was handled in a realistic way last night on TNN. I’ve been in the same position with nieces and nephews myself and I’ve given them all the wrong advice…in spite of my good intentions.

    Someone told me that TNN has been canceled. I didn’t see that myself, so I’m not sure if it’s true. But after last night’s show, I hope they give it at least another season. I’d like to see where a new storyline with Bomer might go.

    Release Day: The Wall Street Shark

    Update: Purchase link at

    This is the next book in the bad boy billionaire series I’ve been writing for Ravenous Romance. It was an eight book deal for me, and I’ve been loving every minute of writing about bad boys…rakes…that are as wicked as they are irresistible. This one is titled, “The Wall Street Shark,” and the one after that is, “The Vegas Shark.” What’s been happening with each book as I write it is that I’m finding different ways to balance out the good guy and the bad guy. It’s been a strange process for me, and it’s something that’s never happened before. As I move on to each new book in the series, I find the next character…who is totally different from the characters in previous books…moving forward and gaining a new insight about his circumstances and why he’s attracted to bad boys. I hope one day they release these books in a package just for this reason alone. I didn’t start out to do this intentionally, but that’s what’s been happening and I find it fascinating. Maybe it’s just my own self-actualization with regard to bad boys. I’ve always had a weakness for them and I’ve been able to relate to every character I’ve written so far who has been screwed over by a bad boy. And even while I’m writing it I’m loving the bad boy more than the nice guy.

    In any event, I’m going to update with links to where “The Wall Street Shark” can be purchased. I’ve been told there’s technical difficulty with the web site and I don’t want to post any links now until I’m certain. But it will be released today, and I’ll post more in the future.

    Free Unpublished, Raw Excerpt Before Edits:

    “Did you see that girl?” Kenny asked Evan.

    “No, who are you talking about? What girl?” Evan hadn’t been paying attention to anything except getting through the afternoon without going into a bar for a drink. It was Saturday afternoon, they’d gone out shopping because Kenny needed a new coat, and Evan hadn’t heard from Jeffery in two days. This wasn’t unusual, not completely. It happened sometimes when Jeffery was busy working on something important. Evan knew he was concentrating on the social media venture because the stock hadn’t been doing well since it had gone public.

    Kenny grabbed his dad’s arm and pulled him closer so he could whisper. “There are a couple of people over there near the corner and one of the girls gave me a look. She’s like really hot, dad.”

    When Evan turned to look, Kenny grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t be so obvious. I don’t want her to know I noticed.”

    Evan smiled. “Okay, I won’t look. Let’s get something to eat. You must be starved.” They were standing outside a small restaurant in the West Village. Evan wasn’t hungry at all; he rarely ate lunch. But he knew his growing teenage son could eat two lunches a day and still be hungry.

    When they entered the restaurant, the head waiter told them he’d have a table ready in a moment. On Saturday afternoons in the West Village, Evan knew they were lucky to get any table anywhere because there were so many tourists from New Jersey and Connecticut. He’d completely dismissed the girl Kenny had been talking about a minute earlier until Kenny grabbed is arm again and started to whisper.

    “Don’t look, but they are coming in here,” Kenny said.

    Evan remained still, terrified to move his head in any direction. “Who are you talking about now? Who’s coming in here?”

    “The hot girl with the other two people,” Kenny said. “You have to do me a favor.”

    Evan’s head went up. “What kind of favor?”

    Kenny did not answer him. Before Evan had a chance to ask another question, the three people Kenny had been talking about stepped into the restaurant and stood behind them. Evan took a quick glance and saw a nice-looking young woman with long blond hair, another young woman with brown hair, and a tall young man wearing a brown leather sport jacket. He didn’t think any of them were all that special. And they looked overly prepped, trying hard to be cool, as if they’d just hopped off a bus from New Jersey.

    While Kenny stood there sending furtive glances to the young blond woman, the head waiter returned and said, “We have your table.” Then looked over Kenny’s shoulder and spoke to the tall guy in the brown leather sport jacket standing behind Evan. “I’m afraid there won’t be any more tables for at least a half hour. We’re extremely busy today.”

    Without missing a beat, Kenny interjected in a move that reminded Evan of Jeffery when he wanted something he thought was important. Kenny said, “How big is our table? Can you seat five there?”
    Evan’s jaw fell. He had no idea what his son was doing.

    The head waiter said, “I’m sure we can. No problem.”

    Kenny turned to the young blond woman and said, “You’re welcome to join us. My brother and I don’t mind.”

    Evan grabbed Kenny’s arm and squeezed it hard. He glared at him and said, “Your brother?”

    The blond girl asked, “Are you sure there’s room?”

    Kenny sent Evan a look and smiled at the blond girl. “Yeah, man. We have plenty of room.”

    Evan rolled his eyes. He knew words like man and dude were interchangeable nowadays. It was evident that Kenny wanted Evan to pretend they were brothers so he could get to know the young blond woman. So Evan shrugged and said, “That’s fine. But we can’t stay long. We have that party to go to later tonight.” Although this was not something Evan would ever have thought of doing, he found it amusing to see how eager his son was to get to know this young woman. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to play along for a little while. He would simply sit quietly and observe the younger people.

    The head waiter escorted them to the back of the small narrow restaurant. On the way, Evan leaned into Kenny and said, “I’m going to get even with you, you little shit.” He wasn’t really angry. Evan didn’t want to bruise his ego just when he was beginning to explore his own sexuality. They’d already had the dad/son talk about the facts of life and Evan knew Kenny wasn’t shy about anything. Even though Evan had explained there were benefits to abstaining from sex and waiting for the right person to come along, hoping his son wouldn’t start having sex too soon, he knew in reality not many young people paid attention to this advice. In fact, they’d been ignoring this same advice since the beginning of time.

    Before they sat down, Kenny said, “I’m Kenny and this is my older brother, Evan.”

    The blonde said, “I’m Candy.” She gestured to her two friends. “This is Lorraine and Grayson. We’re students at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and we’re hanging out in the city for the day.”

    Kenny flashed a huge smiled and squared his shoulders. “We go to NYU. We live downtown in Alphabet City.”

    In a deadpan tone, Evan sighed and said, “I’m older than my brother. I’m in grad school.”

    Before they sat down, Grayson stepped up to Evan and pulled out his chair. This set the tone for the duration of the meal and Evan had never been so uncomfortable in his life. He soon learned he wouldn’t be able to sit quietly and observe. While Candy and Kenny talked about school, Lorraine giggled and she tried to flirt with Kenny, too. Both young women seemed so interested in Kenny, and Kenny seemed so interested in them, everyone forgot about Grayson and Evan sitting at the back of the table. No one even heard Grayson lean over and ask, “How long have you been out? I just came out last year, dude.”

    Evan gulped and said, “I’ve been out for a while.” On the one hand, he admired the way Grayson seemed to so comfortable talking about being openly gay, but on the other he felt creepy sitting there with a guy in his first year of college. But more than that, he wondered how Grayson had been able to tell he was gay. Most of the time no one knew, at least not at first. These younger kids nowadays seemed to have extra hidden radar or something.

    Cover Preview: The Wall Street Shark

    This is book two in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, “The Wall Street Shark.” All the books are stand alones and none have to be read in order. In this particular book, I touched on a few more serious topics like alcoholism and sex addiction. I didn’t get too heavy. The story revolves around a young gay man with a teenage son who has been through all the worst parts of alcoholism and we find him at a place where he’s ready to move forward with his life. Which is why he’s still separated from his husband, The Wall Street Shark.

    Although he loves him more than anything in the world, he’s not sure he can ever change him. And I think that’s a crucial part of any romance with a rake or a bad boy. It mimics real life, too, in so many ways. I think a good part of why we’re all attracted to the “bad boys” is because we have this need to be the only ones who can change them. I know I’ve been there before.