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Billionaire Bad Boy: The Actor Learning to Love

I’ve found that whenever I get ready to submit a new book to a publisher, writing a blog post about it, with the initial plot description in raw form, helps keep me organized for the finished product. If blogs are supposed to be daily journals, this is one way to utilize them. Writing book descriptions for sell copy can often be more intimidating than writing the actual book. It’s like writing a query letter to an agent, but this time it really counts because it’s the thing that may or may not get people to read the book. (Why learning to write a good query is so important.)

I also think readers like seeing how the digital publishing process works…without getting too complicated or in-depth with regard to technical issues. People who read e-books are voracious, and they love information.

This is the fourth book in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, and this time I focused on a modern day rake who also happens to be a self-made billionaire actor. I also added something to the plot that I haven’t done before. I wrote about the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, which explains the photo above. It’s not a large part of the book, and the book takes place in 2012, but it is integral to the storyline and something that happened to one of the main characters back then. I also get into the dynamics between two older lesbians as a sub-plot in the book, which I haven’t done since I wrote Take me Always.

Here’s a raw version of the preliminary plot description, subject to change, that will be used for the book on retail web sites where e-books are sold. With print books these things are called back cover copy…the information you read on the back of the book jacket. I haven’t submitted the book yet, so I obviously don’t have a cover preview. But as soon as I do I’ll post it here.

The title of this book. Bad Boy Billionaire: The Actor Learning to Love, is also tentative. But I’d like to keep this one more emotional because it does involve some intense moments that brought tears to my eyes while I was writing it.

Plot Description:

When single dad, Rory, and his young son, Dane, find themselves divorced and moving to a new apartment in New York once again, Rory is determined to focus on nothing more than his son and his career as a professional cabaret pianist/singer…he’s finished with gay marriage and men altogether. He’s tired of getting dumped, he tired of moving, and he’s tired of starting over.  

In order to save money, he takes up an offer to live rent-free in a high end apartment on Beekman Place for one year, as a caretaker and pet sitter for a famous celebrity’s talking pet parrot. The apartment is a dream, the schools are great for his son, and his son forms an immediate bond with the talking parrot. The only problem is the parrot curses with a Croatian accent and the entire living arrangement turns out to be a set-up that threatens the one thing Rory loves most in this world: his son.

When the bad boy celebrity, Drew Steiger, decides to move back to his apartment it’s too late for Rory to make other plans. Although Rory has no idea Drew has an ulterior motive that involves something hidden in Rory’s past, all three form a bond none of them ever expected. Only a deep dark secret that happened during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center finally catches up with Rory and he’s left wondering what to do once again.  

But more than that, will Rory be able to deal with Drew’s mood swings, his temper tantrums, and his disregard for everyone? And will Drew finally come to terms with a secret of his own that’s been haunting him for over ten years?