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10 Things About 9/11 You May Have Forgotten; Stories Behind 9/11 Tattoos; Back Story of "Falling Man" From Twin Tower On 9/11

10 Things About 9/11 You May Have Forgotten

I actually remember all of these things about 9/11, but in case you might have forgotten it’s an interesting article. Even if you do remember, it’s interesting.

A lot of people don’t know that the CIA warned President Clinton in 1998…

In the Dec. 4, 1998, President’s Daily Brief from the CIA, the agency told Clinton that “Bin Ladin Preparing to Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks.” The plan, the agency said, was to hijack the planes to gain the release of Yousef and other terrorists, the 9/11 report said.

You can read the rest here. 

Stories Behind 9/11 Tattoos

I think almost everyone has their own 9/11 story in one way or another. This article is focused on some of the more emotional stories behind getting 9/11 tattoos. Brian Branco claims he was never the kind of guy who would get a tattoo…until…

“I would have never gotten any tattoos if it wasn’t for September 11 and my need to keep the memory alive of my friends who died that day,” he says.

You can check this out here.  There’s a video, too.

Back Story of “Falling Man” From Twin Tower On 9/11

The photo of a man falling from one of the Twin Towers on 9/11 is probably one of the most intense photos ever taken. To this day no one knows this man’s identity. It’s believed that he worked at Windows of the World, a restaurant that once sat at the top of the north tower.

The photo, taken by Richard Drew in the moments after the September 11, 2001, attacks, is one man’s distinct escape from the collapsing buildings, a symbol of individuality against the backdrop of faceless skyscrapers. On a day of mass tragedy, Falling Man is one of the only widely seen pictures that shows someone dying.

The photo was published in newspapers around the U.S. in the days after the attacks, but backlash from readers forced it into temporary obscurity. It can be a difficult image to process, the man perfectly bisecting the iconic towers as he darts toward the earth like an arrow.

You can check this out here. I believe the Falling Man photo is part of history and it shows what that day was like for so many innocent, harmless people. They all went to work that morning never thinking anything like this would ever happen to them.

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