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It’s Baby Goat Season Again in Sharon Springs, NY

This morning I open an e-mail and it reads, “Baby Goat Bananza.” The address reads “Unknown Sender.” And I immediately think, “Okay, it’s that tired old kangaroo of a “m/m author” who’s always complaining about everyone, and has been writing not so nice things about me on her painfully boring blog.”

Or, I’m wondering if it could be spam with an attached virus. (It’s happened.)

So my first instinct is click delete. But it’s baby goats. Seriously. I’m going to ignore something about baby goats? I actually do know someone who has goats in Somerville, New Jersey.

In any event, I opened the e-mail and the world didn’t stop. It wasn’t spam, it wasn’t my friend in Somerville. It’s actually a newsletter from the Beekman Boys, way up in Sharon Springs, NY. I’ve been on the fence about them regarding a few things. Here’s one post I wrote about gay men being referred to as “boys” back in 2010. However, the more I’ve been following them the more I “get” what they are trying to do. And, I do, indeed, know more than a few fine gay couples who remind me of them. Tony and I, as a gay couple who have been together for twenty years, are a little different in the sense that we don’t focus our lives around being gay or being different. We’re a couple and we’re here; you like us or you don’t and we prefer not to be defined by anyone (even though that’s often easier said than done). However, it’s nice to see any same-sex couple living, working, and interacting together on national television. And, Farmer John, they guy in charge of the goats,balances them very well.

For those who haven’t been following The Beekman Boys, here’s a link to their web site. I’m actually dying to take a long weekend and see Sharon Springs. I could drive from New York to Maine blind folded I know New England so well. I’ve sat in traffic on the Bourne Bridge so many times I’ve lost count. I know Long Island from Oyster Bay to East Hampton. But I know nothing about upstate New York and I’ve always wanted to take a road trip there. If we do it this summer, I’ll try to do a series of posts with photos while we’re there. I think a lot of readers enjoy these personal things sometimes.

If you check out The Beekman Boys web site, you’ll find all kinds of interesting things. Dr. Brent is adorable. There are videos, blogs, and pages where you can shop for the products they offer. I’ve had the goat cheese and liked it. In fact, I’ll be ordering more for a dinner party we’re having later in March.