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Barnes & Noble List

This afternoon someone e-mailed me a promotion about Barnes & Noble and I clicked the link and was surprised to find a lot of my books there. I knew my loveyoudivine books were there. But I didn’t know I was there with other publishers. Although I’ve had a B&N account for years, I don’t own a Nook and rarely go there since I bought my Kobos.

I have to say it’s a great site to navigate and all the product information seems to be spot on. In fact, the one thing that really *amazed* me was how the reviews differ from places like Amazon and Goodreads. And I’m not talking about slightly. I’m talking about big time differences. What this is all about I haven’t a clue. That’s all I’m going to say on that topic…just that it’s different.

Here’s the link to my page. And a huge thanks to those who’ve purchased my books on B&N and have taken the time to leave reviews. I really do appreciate it.