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Authors United Amazon Letter

This is one of those posts I hate to write because I’m never sure how to comment.

With that said, a letter went out to Amazon executives from a group called Authors United that includes some heavy hitting names has generated quite a few negative responses all over the publishing community. It’s in reference to the Hachette/Amazon battle that doesn’t seem to want to end.

Amazon argues that most e-books should be sold at $9.99 to spur sales, while Hachette says it should be able to set prices on its own.

I think what Hachette doesn’t realize is that the people who read e-books have limits. In other words, Hachette or any other publisher can price an e-book as high as they want but people who only read e-books won’t buy them. As a reader, I’ve passed on more e-books than I can count in the past five years. And that doesn’t mean I bought the print book. I found other publishers, authors, and even indie authors who are just as good as any from the big 5 and I read those e-books instead. I have choices now. The gatekeepers are not dictating what I read anymore.  

Amazon has blocked pre-orders and slowed shipping times of some books, a negotiating tactic that has alienated a number of high-profile authors including Gladwell and Patterson.

Here’s a link to the actual letter at Authors United. There’s really nothing I can add, other than I think we can score a few points for Amazon on this one. It should be interesting to see how Amazon responds, if they even bother.

Downton Abbey Gay Plot

If you follow Downton Abbey you know there’s a gay character who is not only gorgeous and evil, but is depicted as a victim of his times and circumstances. He has no choices whatsoever, other than to conform and pretend. Now there’s supposedly a new twist on the gay character in Downton Abbey this season.

Still, on the upcoming fifth season of the compulsively watchable British drama, Barrow will “not only question his sexuality but try to change it, with devastating consequences,” according to the Daily Mail.

Last season I thought they backed away from any gay storyline, which bothered me a little because I wanted something…at least a little something. It looks as if they’ll be making up for lost time this season.

You can read more here.

Zachary Quinto on James Franco

It’s kind of ironic to post about a privileged straight white man like James Franco after posting something about how horrific life was for homosexual people back in the early part of the last century…and prior to that. It’s still not all that great, even though we’re gaining momentum as each day passes.

James Franco has been called obsessed with gay culture and Zachary Quinto is now coming to his defense. The two are involved in some movie I can’t recall right now…about gays I think.

‘My feeling about James, in particular, is that he’s someone who is really interested in generating a dialogue,’ Quinto tells HuffPost Live. ‘I think it’s certainly an issue in society today that warrants provocative discussion.’

I’m honestly not sure what to think about Franco anymore. He does something absolutely ridiculous one day, to the point of insulting, and the next he does something fascinating and wonderful.

You can read more here.

Straight Ice Cream

This is actually something that’s hard to understand because as a marketing strategy it’s dangerous. An ice cream shop in New York’s West Village put up a sign that says they’re selling straight ice cream in what appears to be a way to retaliate, or compete, against another ice cream shop across the street that’s called the Big Gay Ice Cream shop. The gay shop found out about this and went on a twitter smear campaign.

‘If you pass by @galloneronyc maybe you could pop in & let em know what you think of this advertising campaign,’ they said.

Responses to the pic include: ‘Apparently the “true taste of Italy” that @GalloNeroNYC creates is homophobia. Mmm…tasteless.’

‘Wow! That is the most inappropriate ad I’ve seen in a long time! Obviously @biggayicecream must be a threat.’

‘Funny how your homophobic ice cream is boring and @biggayicecream has fun flavors. A lot like life, huh?’

Who would have thought the ice cream business could be so vicious?

In any event, you can read more here about ice cream and alleged homophobia.

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