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Authors Writing Reviews and Goodreads…

When I came across a blog post written by a young adult author, Hannah Moskowitz, I couldn’t help but read it just because of the title: AN OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WHO REVIEW ON GOODREADS. In fact, I love this post and wish I’d thought of it first. You can get there from here to read the full post.

Although I don’t follow the YA drama closely, I have heard about some of the things going on between YA authors with respect to reviews and how these reviews are written and received. I have no comment there because I’ve seen similar things happen in the romance world more often than not.

I agree with Hannah Moskowitz about knowing when to step back on goodreads…and other places that are designed for readers to leave book reviews. As an author, I’ve learned to curtail my opinions for reasons I think are important to readers. I almost feel as if I’m intruding sometimes because I’m an author. And I don’t want to make readers feel awkward or uncomfortable by getting in the way of their book review experience. There are times I wish I could hop into a blog thread and discuss a book on romance review sites, but I always feel as if I’m intruding and that I’ll ruin it for readers.

Hannah says this:

That doesn’t mean I can’t write reviews, even negative ones; I do sometimes, and there are some amazing combination writer/reviewers out there–Phoebe North, anyone?–but it does mean that if I go out there and comment on bad reviews with sarcasm and bitchiness and general asshole-dom, I make writer-hannah look like a fucking idiot.

What’s more, I embarrass my fans, I disrespect people who support me, and I give YA writers a bad name, and that just isn’t how this shit is going to go down.

I agree completely. I would never, and I have never, gone after another author in public by throwing the first punch. As Hannah stated, I’d look like an absolute asshole. I’ve never jumped into a comment thread and attacked another author. But authors sometimes do this and they never look good in the end.

I like to look at it this way. Almost all of the authors I know have respect for each other and respect for their genre. They stick together like cops, doctors, and all other professionals. So if you see an author who leaves snide, bitchy comments about other authors the odds are she’s an asswipe (or a nut). Most authors don’t do this unless they are asswipes (or nuts). And if they do it long enough, readers know how to spot them as asswipes (and nuts).

Check out Hannah’s post in full. She has a way with dirty words I love, too.