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Some of My Favorite M/M Authors…

I don’t like to review other books on this blog. But once in a while I like to mention a few M/M authors I like to read.

One of them is GA Hauser. Here’s a link to Amazon. I think she nails it in every respect. And though her style and content is very different from what I do, I love the fact that she takes me away from my own world. Isn’t that what fiction is all about anyway?

I also like Michele Montgomery. Here’s her link. Michele has a unique voice and a unique approach when it comes to m/m fiction-romance, and I find her characters to be extremely emotional and deep. I also think she takes chances a lot of authors might not take. And I’ve never been disappointed when I’m finished reading one of her stories.

Another is Jeff Erno. I think he writes from the heart. And that should be enough for anyone to like his books. Here’s his link.

There are a lot of others I’ll mention in the future. But last and certainly not least is Rebecca Leigh. She writes everything, from m/m to f/f. I think she has a bold style and she knows how to draw the reader into the story. I’ve been in a couple of anothologies with her and I’ve enjoyed her work so much I’ve checked out other things she’s written. Here’s her link.