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Talk About Switching Gears: The Little Baron’s Christmas Angel

I know it might appear peculiar to see a book like THE LITTLE BARON’S CHRISTMAS ANGEL above a post promoting a book about foot fetish, but this is a good example of how I like to switch gears without warning.

The author of this book was an editorial client of mine, and I’ve read and edited this story many times, as well as many of his other books. He’s not a client of mine anymore, though. When he wanted to get into Amazon publishing I told him I didn’t know enough about it to do him justice and he found someone who did. So I don’t know how the book has been changed since I last edited it. But I do know this author worked for years on this one and I have no problem recommending it anyone. It’s a great read, for kids and adults. And the price is certainly very good, at least compared to what’s going on with the big six. Besides, up until recently you wouldn’t have had a chance to read a story like this because it would have been considered too short to publish by literary agents and all large publishers. In the digital age of publishing, it works very well.

You can check it out here, and download it to your e-reading device. And, for those who still don’t have e-reading devices, you can download it to your computers and read it right on your PC. You don’t need an e-reader to read e-books. All you need is a computer.

The Little Baron sat silently in the seat of the large leaded, glass window and peered out upon the grounds of the old manor house. He watched the snowflakes gently blanket white the garden below including the tall distant evergreens. This was his most favorite room in the house, it was the library. Although in the evenings it was often occupied by his grandfather the Baron, in the afternoons it was his own private land of enchantment. There were books with pictures of faraway places and stories of adventure, which almost seemed impossible to really exist. It was the day before Christmas and the air was filled not only with great aromas coming from the kitchen and pantry, but also with the anticipation which comes only at this time of year.

The manor had been totally decorated earlier in the day by the loyal household staff. This had been an occasion which the late Baroness always enjoyed, unfortunately the Little Baron never knew his grandmother because she had passed on a few months before he was born. Garlands gracefully hung from the railings of the balcony above and poinsettias were placed upon around table in the entrance hall to act as festive, silent greeters. A tall Christmas tree had been chosen from the Baron’s forest with utmost precision, for it was the focal point in the drawing room since it was to stand guard over the gifts later that evening.