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Another Indie Book by a Traditionally Published Author

This week I received a surprise e-mail from an author I’ve known for a few years now. His name is Hal Bodner and I read his book, Bite Club, and loved every single word of it. I might even have posted about it here somewhere. I’m not sure now.

He’s been published by Alyson Books and I met him after he wrote something for Ravenous Romance. We both have a lot in common because we’ve both been published by “traditional” gay presses before we moved into digital publishing. We can sit and remember the good old days when things get hectic.

I would consider Hal a classic gay author, and in more than one way. He has the voice of a gay man, the wit and humor of a gay writer, and the ability to convey his message without coming off too harsh. He writes smoothly, with tight narrative, and his characters jump from the page with authenticity. The wit and humor of some gay authors is not something that can be duplicated. It comes from within. Sometimes it can be cutting; other times downright hysterical.

Now Hal has decided to do something different. I had no idea he was doing this and I couldn’t be more thrilled for him. He just released a book through Amazon Kindle titled, The Trouble with Hairy. I’ve started reading it, I love it, and I’ll post more about it in a week or so, depending on how much time I have to read for personal pleasure right now.

But I wanted to do a short post to let people know The Trouble with Hairy is out on Kindle and that it can be purchased here.

Those who read this blog regularly know how interested I’ve been in indie publishing, particularly published authors who have decided to take control of their careers and go that route. Though I’m still on the fence about doing it myself at this time, I am thrilled for the authors who’ve decided to do this. And I couldn’t recommend an author like Hal Bodner more. This is one case where I know an indie e-book on amazon isn’t going to disappoint the readers who purchase it. In other words, you’re getting a book by a seasoned author who knows what he’s doing.

Here’s the blurb:

Oh, Bloody Mary – with a twist!

Cruel, sharp teeth hunger for a taste of human flesh. Powerful jaws salivate at the thought of innocent victims. And twisted, gnarled claws are just dying for a manicure!

Something not-quite-human stalks the city streets under the full moon after the gay bars close. As the ravaged corpses start piling up, coroner Becky O’Brien and her unlikely allies realize they are the only defenders who can protect scores of unsuspecting pretty boys from a grisly, bone crunching Death by Werewolf.

Welcome back to West Hollywood, where the drinks aren’t the only things that are stiff! Get ready to howl with laughter under a full moon when Becky, her best friend Christopher Driscoll – who happens to be the city’s resident vampire! – and his quirky boyfriend Troy battle to save West Hollywood’s hottest men from a vicious monster’s hunger.

Brace yourself for another runaway macabre black comedy from the author of Bite Club where you, too, will find yourself trying to discover just what, exactly, is… The Trouble with Hairy.

Hal Bodner’s previous book in the Chris and Troy series, Bite Club, was a genre best seller. A widower, he lives in West Hollywood with several dogs, a veritable flock of parrots and a new boyfriend barely half his age who was astonished to find out that Liza Minelli is Judy Garland’s daughter.