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Facebook New Friend Request Fail for Authors…

This is a good example of how to “friend” someone on Facebook:

Hi, thanks for accepting my friend request. Hope we get to know each other better.

To which I always reply:

Thank you for sending the request. Nice to meet you.

I have never refused a request from anyone. I know there are people who guard their friend list with great care. I respect that but I’m not one of them. I figure I’m out there already with books and I’m not going to insult someone by not accepting a friend request. I made that choice the first year Facebook hit the Internet.


This is facebook friend request fail:

Check out my books!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Well guess what? I know I won’t be disappointed, because the last thing I’m going to do now is check out your books or anything else about you. Same goes if you start hocking me to attend events, or put me into a group that clogs up my inbox with FB notifications. I know I can turn the notifications off, but the fact that I have to even do that irritates me.

I don’t do it to other people, and I don’t like it done to me. And I think most people would agree with me.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use social media. And if I’m thinking this, trust me there are many others thinking the same thing but not saying it.