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All Male Romance…

I love these guys over at All Male Romance. Not just because I’m in their author spotlight of the week and because they posted a huge image of HOT ITALIAN LOVER, but because I’ve watched them work tirelessly to get this web site as good as they can get it. They do it for love, not for money. And there’s never a hidden agenda…other than talking about all male romance.

I wrote about quality last week, well, this web site is what I’d consider top quality information about, literally, All Male Romance.

It’s a great place for readers who love all male romance to check out authors and books. And it’s a great place for authors to display books. I firmly believe that if you’re writing for the digital market and the people who read digital books, you can go to book signings in physical bookstores, you can do author events like readings, and hit every conference in the world…but there’s nothing as effective as online presence from places like all male romance.

Here’s the link to check them out.

And I’d like to send them a huge thanks for giving me the author spotlight. It was a nice, unexpected surprise.